Monday, June 7, 2010

San Francisco Steak House, Ipoh

When sons are back, I will have a very nice time "digging" into my pocket. They happy, I happier... when they go back to their respective colleges, I will go back to my "miser" ways and start to save up again till the next time they come back. *ouch! secret disclosed!*

Last Saturday, AAron suggested going to a new place and that is called San Fransisco Steak House, opened not too long ago in Gopeng Road. He has eaten once before in KLCC, treated by his former Italian boss during his internship and since then, he has been complimenting about it. I am not only into western food but I would love to try anything new.... so off we went to this Tropicana Ballroom Building.

from the front.. my hp camera not good...

the complimentary bread with butter..

Teriyaki Grilled Chicken Breast

Grilled Lamb Leg
San Fransisco Burger
& one more plate of Fish & Chips

Valrhona ChocFondant
very MINI size but best!
Cost RM17.90...

eventually we did some artistic strokes
Then the bill came to RM113.30!!
I think eat chinese dishes better hor?

oh btw, the previous post "suicide" was a farce.. i took that pic at the 1st floor of the lift where the man was doing some repairing. Yes, some of u guessed correctly but it was a dangerous sight altogether, no safety procedures followed.


  1. the servings look like so little only.. unlike Hard Rock or TGIF where everything comes in BIG BIG..

    RM113.30 for a meal.. tak per lah claire, as long as everyone's happy :D

  2. Wahh really need to dig DEEP DEEP lor.. this kind of price in Ipoh only! Hmm..

  3. So SF has gone to Ipoh now eh! I'm sure your kids thoroughly enjoyed that meal!

  4. I have yet to try this place coz not too many reviews leh. Was the food good, Claire?

  5. Wah!!! Why how come when I come back...u never show me all these places and citing u r not free? pengsan...

  6. sob~sob. see this food make me very touching. sob sob..

  7. merryn: yes, u r very right.. not big servings, for me just nice, for my sons, bigger is better.. hahaha..

    sweetwitch: yeah, we didnt really order the super expensive one.. :p

    pureglutton: next is olivenz.. kiv first..

    agnes: if u dont mind the expensiveness, go one time and try.. but i prefer chilis anytime.. got live band at 9pm..

    chrisau: next time la.. u pay i go!! hehehee...

    isley: why touching.. hahaha.. go and eat them!

  8. Expensive. You right, Chinese dishes lagi better.

  9. eh they have daily set menu which is a lot cheaper leh...I like their food ..yummmy and also very kids friendly

  10. looking at your pictures makes me crave for steak now!!! thanks for sharing clare :)


  11. got discount or not or promotion? in KL every friday got lunch promo one leh

  12. Same here, anak comes home - go to all the places to eat, expensive never mind... Motormouth or somebody else had a post on this before, I think...and I mistook it for San Francisco Grill in Kuching - very popular since the 70s...

  13. sjb: but once awhile nice to eat western.. :)

    kathy: didnt see any promotion or set around wo..

    jen: do go and savor them once awhile!

    manglish: really! then i must look out for it.. that night was saturday, so no discount..

    STP: So Kuching has one branch already? Great.. Ipoh is always way behind, spending power is not that strong here..

  14. look sedap and am craving all of it now! sobs!

  15. if the food is expensive then i will just go for the free

  16. this place for ur sons to park toh one......

  17. caroline: nice environment to pak tor as rachel said.. :p

    lulu: u r very smart.. hahaha...

    rachel: u mean this is called clubbing? me outdated liow.. :)

  18. nice food there... I like to eat the San Fran too... and sometimes, my brother just say, the "sanfan' to "sanfan" to eat.. muahaha..

  19. That wasn't up to Western steak house fare here in the real west. Sorry about that. And the prices! Ye-ow!

  20. Yes, I agree with you. I also prefer Chinese food to American food except the steak of course. I love porterhouse with unlimited salad on the side. Chinese food are more balanced since many ingredients are added to counteract the bad effects of cholesterol and other substances that are bad to our health. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

  21. cynthia: a bit costly.. just try once awhile..

    quilly: are the prices here more expensive? GOSH!

    Mel: yes, u too? i prefer chinese dishes anytime..

  22. You are such a darling mommy, i bet anak anak sure will take jelly good care of you when they hit the highway of their careers respestively, this i am confident,,,,RM113 for a nice and quality time and food with the family,what else can beat this? so,, save somemore lol....

    proud of you,,,,

  23. Clair: Looks like you really had a great meal.

  24. tekkaus: dont waste good food!

    eugene: nice family bonding is all that counts.. dont expect too much from them later on..anything given by them is a great bonus! hahahaa...

    fishinguy: yes a blessed meal..

  25. SF steakhouse! Never tried before, how is the food?

    Look at the dessert, look very yummy.

  26. once awhile happy mcm nie. ok loh... hehehehe...

  27. I was wondering when are they gonna serve their value for money sets like in KL.
    Have they started?


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