Sunday, June 13, 2010

Balik Pulau Durians In Penang

Bread's song... IF.... If a picture paints a thousand words.....
Yes, I allow these pictures to say it all...

A shadow of a boy... by the seaside
enjoying the King of the Fruits..

it all started in the evening..
when we couldn't eat the durians in the hotel..
so... where else to eat these beloved..
but at the seaside... shiok...

just opposite the hotel..
savoring the aroma and the taste...
just look at them... hmmmm....

when we came back from dinner,
it was already night time..

we had durians as desserts... AGAIN!!!!

same place, same bench..
under the moonlight at the beach...

waahhhh.. this durian needed the strength
of 4 HANDS!!!
must be super delicious!!

better born to be a girl..
can just stand and be fed...

durians bought from Balik Pulau, Penang

thanks to Andy's coursemate
he really gave us a good bargain on these durians!!
and of course we had a wonderful time
eating durians under the moonlight..
An Unforgettable Night surely..


  1. You guys can really eat durian huh! I don't eat durian anymore.

  2. caroline: memang.. suka sekali..

    tekkaus: why? too heaty, right?

  3. Gosh! Your boys sure loves durians. My daughter wouldn't touch them... Not a good match dat! Hahahahaha!!!

  4. Clair: That fruit has a proper name with its large size. Some people must not like it.

  5. woi...tarak tapau to courier to me ka???..sob sob

  6. Good...Hope you all had a great time together.

  7. Almost looks meaty instead of fruity. :)
    Thanks for your visit.

  8. woahhhhhhh! DURIANS! my love but too bad no one in the family enjoys it !! can't you guys sneak it into the hotel? like put it in one of those lunch boxes and the hotel people wouldn't even know what it is ;) now your really making my mouth watery and i cant do anything about it because no one will share it with me. sighhh :(

  9. Hmmm... I guess I'll have to try it again someday afterall since so many people appear to love it.

  10. waaaaaaaaaaaa the red meat one yummyyyyyyy....hahahha

  11. Hi Reana, your durians look delicious. And the pics really tempting.
    And just by chance I too had durians yesterday, frozen ones from Thailand, seedless too.
    After taking out from the fridge, I let them unfreeze on kitchen table 2 hours, then eat like ice cream....and watching the World cup same time.
    You have a nice day, Lee.

  12. Durian is really nice but its odor is hellish. We have durian only in the southern part of our country which is Mindanao. I must admit that I tasted durian only as candies and tarts only. I have not yet tasted the fruit itself. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  13. stp: just bec of durians, not good match? LOL.. like that better ma.. one person can have all the sharings.. hahaha...

    fishingguy: yes, smelly to some people..

    kathy: special durians must be eaten in penang one.. :p

    jarlin: yes, we did.. thanks!

    carletta: thanks for returning visit.. hope u visit more often..

    jen: come share with me... :)

    kay: hope u love this.. not many do.. lol...

    manglish: they called it hae bi.. red prawn? :p

    U.Lee: seedless? wow.. must be like eating buns? hahaha.. last time i went to hadyai, i ate those thailand also enough already..

    mel: is it expensive in philippines? never tasted those from there before..

  14. I was in Penang too at the same time as you. Too bad we didn't bump into each other. The orange color flesh durian look so good!

  15. nina: :p

    healthfreak: i was in gurney drive most of the time.. esp in the evening.. hahaha.. eating the durians..

  16. It's durian party there! Did any passer-by joined? :-)

  17. yummy!!! for the love of durians, we can eat anywhere... hehe

  18. alamak, so many durians!! I am not a durian person. :(

  19. dora: one lady commented.. wah, eating durian here..

    2ma: yes, eating by the road side is a norm for me.. hahahaa...

    annieq: last time myself more a crazier fan.. nowadays not so.. maybe older different..

  20. hehehe i still prefer be a boy rather wait for fed hehehe

  21. chvoon: good.. then it is balanced up.. hahhaa. scared to be a girl, right?

  22. I love seeing how you and yor kids are so close. Good job, Claire, you brought them up well :-). I'm praying here that when my kids grow up, we'll be as close :-).

  23. Wah..the durians really look great.very meaty..hahaha

  24. walaaaaoooooo...... droooling!!!!


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