Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wan Jia In Wangsa Permai

This was my second time to Wan Jia restaurant... I think many of you have not been to this place, right? I have been asking a few of my KL friends and they have not heard of this shop. How about you, readers? I recommend this eatery shop to you. The dishes we ordered were tasty and the price was reasonable too!
the Name

waiting to be seated..
who was that playing with the hair...

beancurd with abalone...

claypot meat with salted fish

sweet melon stuffed with seafood

salted egg crabfish

steamed kampong chicken..

curry fish

mixed vegetables..

fried man-tau (buns)

overall dishes
The bill came to around RM200+ for 11 of us...


  1. Each dish looks SO good!! We love to eat out and do so often, and I will be posting our restaraunt food pictures soon! I can't figure out the bill, though, as I only know dollars and cents. But the food pictures translate very well!!

  2. i think this is somewhere in cheras batu 11 or 5 one rite?

  3. Ginny: yes, do post up and allow me to see the food you take :) let me drool over..

    manglish: wangsa permai la.. u know where? i dont know.. hahaha...

    sjb: yeah, not bad.. :)

  4. Very reasonable price leh, for 11 people, somemore got abalone wor.

  5. I think the price is relatively reasonable for a table of people. Gosh...drooling seeing the curry fish. I really havent come across this rest before..

  6. nice food :) make me hungry :P

  7. Salted egg crabfish...That's my all time favourite! Mmmmmmm, imagining the taste now...

  8. Waaa.. the food looked tempting leh.. Yummy..Where is it located at?

  9. spicy: yes, very reasonable, i can say.. wonder whether the abalone real or not :)

    mommyling: go try.. wangsa permai..

    hoay: go for a good lunch later :)

    olive: yes, i love it too!

    charlene: wangsa permai, u know where.. cos i dont know..

  10. Gosh...after all these food and you blame me for tipping your scale up...:(

  11. Yummy...you really know how to order food. I like the abalone dish. :P~~~

  12. Clair: That looks like so much to eat, everyone should be full.

  13. elin: i never blame u.. i have so much to thank u for.. :)

    michelle: yes, me too. love the slicy piece on top..

    fishingguy: yes, we asians eat a lot, dont we?

  14. Wah....quite cheap also. And the food looks so yummy.

  15. yanz: travel and food.. :)

    ann: yes, it is quite reasonable.. i will go there again .

  16. Abalone? Wow...how come every day you appear like you are eating expensive food? :p Damn rich!

  17. In KL? RM200 for 11 people - cheap lah...got fish and what not. Looks a bit like the place you took me for lunch in Ipoh.

  18. always see you order meat with salted fish. Must have been very nice dish.

  19. Nice dishes! Crabfish? So malu, don't know what's that.. is it crab or is it fish? LOL!

  20. takkaus: hahahaa.. how i wish i m.. i didnt say who paid, right? :)

    stp: something like that.. maybe that is why the price is reasonable. not those posh restaurants..

    kathy: i didnt order one.. my SIL did.. guess we love that dish..

    sweetwitch: lai liew har.. is crabfish, right?

  21. The food looks good!!! Lucky i just had my lunch, if no i will drooling again!! Why no order "suen tong lala"? I thought that is the signature dish? I mean i read from the signboard la.

  22. annie: that night no lala lo.. that was why never ordered.. wah.. u very observant.. hahahaa..

  23. Sure lots of food there on the table....nice and delicious ones too!

  24. i like fried mantau.... it has been a very long time since i last tasted it! :D

    The CleverMunkey

  25. Thanks for the details of this eatery.Nope i haven't heard about this eatery in the past.After reading about it i think i ought to visit it someday.Moreover the food looks yummy in the picture.

  26. RM200 only? I think it's quite reasonable. Even the presentation of the food is excellent. Thanks for letting us know such a nice place to dine in KL.

  27. Yummy claire these dishes do look scrumptous! Not sure which one I'd like to tackle first but there is definitely a couple that I'd like to try. And down below in another post, the apple strudel really looks good. I can see why labbie likes her! ha

  28. pete:yes, nice food in PJ....

    wenn: man tau are nice!

    henry: my kids love them too..

    leona: :p

    web: thanks for coming by...

    mingna: i think PJ.. wangsa permai, u know? i dont know.. hahahaa...

    Lee: easy for u if u r staying in PJ.. me in Ipoh..

  29. I want to go there and eat this wonderful meal too! Reasonable price for so much food.

  30. not very cheap but the food presentation v nice.. must be quite a nice place.. but KL standards that's fair la...

  31. i've been here once, lunch treated by boss, I like the claypot fish head dish~~

  32. glennis: do go when u have the opportunity..

    elaine: yes, KL standard is like that...

    jBar: yes, it was yummy!

    Happysurfer: yummy yummy!

    lj: yummy, yummy, yummy! hahaha..

    midi: me too.. eaten with man tau is nice too..


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