Sunday, July 11, 2010

Distraction Against the Discomfort

These two days my right arm is giving me some discomfort. When I swing it round, it gives a stabbing pain from the right shoulder to the front of my chest. Has anyone experienced this before? Do I need to go for some ultra sound of my chest? Too much typing or usage on the right hand?
I did not do anything much this weekend, let my right arm rest a bit... sorry for not blog hopping, maybe I have overdone it....
Just now I told my friend... money is not everything... nothing comes easy... it always come with a price and I hope the price of it is not my health...

these pics have nothing to do with my post here..
out of topic one...
the mind also "out" now..tired..
will continue tonight on my travel pics..


  1. Oh, so sorry to hear you have that pain. I suggest that you check out with the Dr. Never ignore health issues especially like pain and numbness. It's better to have peace than worries and anxieties. I hope you get well soon. Please take care....good rest and good food! Hugs, Mary

  2. go for massage perhaps? have a gud rest yea. :)

  3. oh no..poor you. is this the carpal tunnel syndrome? best to have your hand checked out.

  4. Oh dear, better take care. Hope it's nothing serious. Some Chinese sinseh very good at massaging to solve such problems. In the hospital, they'll send you for physiotherapy - not very effective. Try acupuncture - works wonders!

  5. Is your blood pressure ok?? some pain involved stabbing hand got to do with's like early sign.. That's what I heard.. but I hope everything is fine and hope it was just overdose blogging..

    take care..

    P.s: you looking great!!!!

  6. please take care auntie, maybe do some check ups?

  7. Claire...better go for a check up. Dun assume it is due to over used of the right hand. Chest pain is not something to ignore . You want me to accompany you ? I can go with you :)

  8. marymoh: thanks for the advice.. i will go.. sigh..

    carol: good idea too! must find time to go...

    barb: must read more about this carpal thingy ...

    cath: yes, overblogging.. hahhaa...

    gab:i will..

    kath: yes, went for breakaway...

    elin: go GH or where.. what do u suggest?

  9. Maybe some muscles pull. But, anyhow pls go and check up with a doctor. Take care, ya.

  10. Looks like not very comfy to me. :D Quite hot huh over there.

  11. nice pictures with lovely scenery. Take care.

  12. angin kah... such green luxury...

  13. I hope the pain has eased and you are feeling much better but I must agree with others, best to get it checked out and then your anxieties will be calmed. Take good care of yourself.

  14. Please go to the doctor. Not that I think you have anything serious...does your shoulder hurt when you lay on your side at night? This may be a rotator cuff problem. I have torn rotator cuffs in each shoulder, one tear has gone completly through. Once you get over 50 or so, they will tear and you don't even know it, you don't have to do anything to cause it. A lot of people have it and never even know it, but for some it is quite painful. See if it hurts at night when you lay on it, that's a tip off. But it would be good to get it checked out. Now a rotator cuff that's torn will not show up on a regular X-Ray, you have to get a C.T. Scan or an M.R.I. Keep me informed how you are feeling and what's going on.

  15. thanks for all your concerns.. i will go one of these days to get it checked.. yes, age has something to do with it..


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