Sunday, July 18, 2010

Friday In Gentings Highlands

For the past two days, I was not around blog hopping but was "climbing" up to 6000 feet above sea level...

Yes, we made our way up to Gentings Highlands for the first time as a family, we went up to enjoy the cool air, the indoor and outdoor theme park... The last time we came here as a family was during their toddler days.... Even Aaron cannot remember much of it ... This is more or less a second family trip, minus their dad...

Andy took over the wheel from Ipoh till Rawang resthouse..
then "wheel baton" passed over to Aaron all the way to
Genting Highlands!
First timer driving up the highlands...

pheww... we reached safely.. :)
have to wait for our check in First World Hotel
cheapest and the busiest hotel in Gentings..

just look at the long stretch of counters and the crowd..
eventhough it was a Friday afternoon..

while waiting, we started to look around
and taking pictures with some clowns...

...clowning around the lobby..

me too clowning around...

snap me la.. nothing to do anyway...

Andy "disturbing" Fernie...
indoor theme park... next...


  1. i've not been there in ages but from the pic, it still look da same! :D must go there one day :)

  2. Nice~~~ and I enjoyed sitting at the Starbucks outside to enjoy the cold late nites, lols

  3. Wow :D looking forward for the next post!

  4. cath: yes, cooling!

    kathy: u mean now or tomorrow? :)

    merryn: yes, ethan will enjoy it too!

    pikey: shivering in the cold night? hahaha. yes, i can imagine how nice it is.. i was there for 2 nights.. eating desserts.. hahaaha...

    tom: yes, very cooling place.

    wensher: tomorrow more pics!

  5. Great fun pictures full of joy!! I love that big indoor lit up tree! And I notice in the background there is a coffee house and it is spelled in English! How come? Your sons are so handsome! Can't wait to see the rest of the trip!! And you do NOT need to lose weight! You are so cute and tiny!!

  6. So nice seeing the whole family of yours going to Genting Highlands. You looked so 'Hung Fook' in the pictures...

  7. What a wonderful family trip! Looks like a wonderful place to stay at. Love the clowns!

  8. genting has changed so much ehh...

  9. ginny: Malaysia is a multi lingual country, english is one of the main languages used here.. so u can see that international food chain are almost everywhere..

    chrisau: u dont save so much money lar.. go holiday to relax, bro..

    mingna: i always flash my colgate teeth.. hahaha..

    cheryl: yes, it is a cooling resort.. internationally known..

    manglish: more to come.. :)

  10. I dun like highlands. LOL... I'm the creature of the sea. Sobs... the highlands made me feel dizzy, and puke!

  11. aiya! jahat andy! remind me of my younger bros! always bully me for being so short!! T.T

  12. cleff: yes, yes, i know u r a mermaid... hehehee...

    mery: yeah.. it was nice..

  13. genting is always so packed. was the weather cooling? can't wait to see your next post.

  14. Beautiful family bonding, next time, can you take me with ya?

  15. barb: yes, cooling, i wear a jacket at all times.. old liow..cannot afford to get chilled. hahaha..

    chubs: when r u coming? :)

  16. trip to Genting..syiok to the max. Haha..I like your photo..very sporting and cool mum. :)

  17. I have not been to Genting since 1995, I think. Has changed a whole lot by now. Wish I could go there some day...and Cameron too. No chance... Sobs!!!

  18. mommygwen: thanks.. hahaa.. act cool only..

    stp: wow.. yes, changed a lot since.. u will be amazed definitely. u must go one day.. maybe take your cucu-s by then.. hahaa...

  19. What a remarkable place. Glad to see you having fun!

  20. it was quite some time ago since we last went there..Genting is a nice place.

  21. kay: yes, we had..

    wenn: yes,i agree with u..

  22. spendidstars: they entertained the crowd while the guests were waiting..


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