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He Bangs, He Bangs.... Again

My beautiful Monday morning started off with a Big Bang! :)

Early morning, Andy dropped me to office, it was 7.30am when we reached the parking lot. Got out from the car and as usual, I waited to see him go off first before entering my office. He was reversing his car when another car stopped right behind him to let his passenger down. I thought Andy would realized it was right behind him....

But no, I saw him kept on reversing and reversing... I wanted to call out to him, knowing it would be no use because of the closed windows... in a matter of 2 seconds, BANG!!

Funny, watching it happen and yet helpless....Andy must be shocked, his first time accident, together 3 of us surveyed the damage to our cars...

his hind light was damaged....

so was mine too...
plus a "BIG CRATER"

$$ flying off again...
bye bye $$

Checked with a few mechanics, yes, me silai drove here and there ....
Four mechanics in fact.. almost same price..
RM500 +- so....
(any paid posts to give me, anyone??? ) :p


  1. how come yours also kena bang? thought andy car kena and the other fella car kena only.

  2. Aiyoh, did he use the rear mirror to see?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. he was driving my car la.. he dropped me to work..

    jessie: i think he didnt see his rear mirror..but only the side.. the angle was as such..

  5. Poor you. May Blessings come in other forms this week ya. ;)

  6. why lah da other car must stop behind andy when andy is obviously in the car and with reverse light reversing lagi! Unless ur reverse light not functioning? I doubt jugak... sigh...

  7. Ugly bumper bashing you have there...hope you are covered with insurance.

  8. Claire:
    I had the same accident beginning of this year. My bumper was hit by another car and was seriously dented. I was told by the mechanic that it would cost me RM400 to RM500 for it to be fixed. I ignored it and continued driving since it didn't cause any trouble other than looking less presentable. My brother was patient enough to apply pressure to the rear bumper from the inside by pushing it outward. After that, I drove my car for a rather long journey and when I returned from my trip, I was surprised to see the dented part returned almost to its original shape. This may be due to the pressure plus heat. Hmm... if it doesn't sound too ridiculous to you, perhaps you can give it a try.

  9. arh....poor thing sis. Never mind, send the bill to me.

  10. oh no! anyway be thankful that nothing serious happened..

  11. Oh, I'm so sorry! But glad no one was hurt! Those lights can cost a lot to fix!

  12. i once did tat oso wen i was 20 like tat didnt see and reverse and langgar car park rite beside me oso but luckily no damage....nvm lar, $$$$ gone wat to do, ppl is safe (very manglish here)

  13. I thought got give warning? These young very reckless, not bothered to be more careful. Especially when they do not have to pay. I would potong from pocket money/ they will feel the pinch and be more careful next time....or do housework to earn it back!

  14. Alamak... jadi Ricky Martin pulak! LOL~ Cham... sorry Claire... i have no lobang for you. In fact... I need to find lobang myself too. :(

  15. gratitude: it certainly did.. I do trust my Lord.. He provides.. :)

    Merryn: he stops in the middle of nowhere to let down his passenger.. andy was busy reversing and looking the other side.. a mistake too..

    lynette: no, i m not claiming cos of the NCB..

    mingna: mine cannot be like yours cos my bumper came down lower than in the morning, if i dont do it, it drops off later bec of the pressure.. :)

    mamapumpkin: serious or joking?

    chrisau: tai chak kong!!

    wenn: yes, thank God for small accidents.. it is an eye opener for him.. hahaha...

    ginny: yes, original is expensive..

    manglish: i think we all experience all these kind of accidents to make us more alert..

    stp: cos it was in inclining slope.. anyway, let it happen so that next time drive or reverse with care.. yes, he pays for it this time, poor boy.. :) mum is very strict one.. hahaha...

    cleff: never mind, thanks.. we cari them together.. :)

  16. Ok,, i go find more paid posts for you but then again you are better in this field than i am ,,dont worry lah,next time Andy will be a lot careful,,,

  17. So sorry to read about the accident, but thankfully no one was hurt. I hope the week gets better for you :). Have a wonderful one.

  18. Oh dear, so sorry to hear about it. Luckily it was a minor one. Well, Andy gained another experience and it was a painful one :|

  19. Ouch.... not a nice way to start the week at all ! I'm sure your heart fell when you heard the "bang".

    But I guess the consolation is that no one got hurt.

  20. Sorry about the accident...
    Hope he'll be careful next time...

  21. eugene: yes, he will be.. i m not angry at all..

    rosidah: thank you.. hope u have a good week ahead too..

    yvonne: as drivers, we get to experience this one day.. it is normal in a way..

    leona: hahaha..yeah.. 500rm is not a big sum and yet in matter of minutes, just gone.. hahaha..

    adrine: expecting it.. boom!! hope he was not too scared after this.. some can last for days..

    hayley: he definitely will !

  22. Clair: Sometimes these are unavoidable. I backed right into a pole once.

  23. fishingguy: u did? gosh.. lol...

    tekkaus: ada.. i asked him the same question too.. :p

  24. Well bad luck.Andy obviously didn't realize.It has happened with me too.I feel it can happen with anyone having a car.The money flying part just cannot be helped.If you own a car then you gotta be ready for money flying can happen anytime.Feel sorry for you :(

  25. reanaclaire: vios suppose to have sensor sound when u're doing reversing. My sensor damn loud noise.. that makes me alert all the time.

    Minor accidents happening meaning that you're accept from major accidents. Thank god for nth serious. Money can earned back.. most important is learning a good lesson to be careful all the time. =D

  26. Aisay!! What bad luck :( Oh well, accidents happen, perhaps Andy should take this as a lesson to be extra careful and look behind whenever he reverses :)

  27. aiyooo...sorry to hear this. Lucky no one hurt.
    I am sure Andy also get shock? Don't worry la, he learn his lesson, next time will be more careful already. :)

  28. Claire... it's actually good thing la if you see it from a different point of view. At least his 1st time is not something serious (my 1st time very big wok) and this experience will remind him to be more careful in the future.

  29. webdesign: dont feel sorry.. it happens as u said...

    sweetwitch: yes, learn a lesson with 500rm..

    annie: yeah, buy a lesson, next time more careful..

    agnes: wah.. what so tai wok? i guess we all have to experience this somehow..

  30. Wait.... I don't understand your post. You edited some paragraphs ah? Why your car also kena accident? Not Andy and the cart behind meh????

  31. I mean car behind, typo error : D

  32. Oh! You mean Andy's car also your car lah, aiya! Why u sound so confusing saying his hind light and yours? LOL!

    Eh, your car no sensor to warn meh?

    That's why must be careful when driving.

  33. But my car very funny, sometimes the sensor will sound even if nothing behind my car when I reverse. Maybe ghosts???

  34. foong, he drove me to office ma.. saw him bang.. then 3 of us means andy, me and the other driver .. sigh.. gone with the wind..

  35. foong, he drove me to office ma.. saw him bang.. then 3 of us means andy, me and the other driver .. sigh.. gone with the wind..

  36. poor claire...

    just forget about it.

    you will find it more than that soon... :)

  37. voon: poor boy.. he scared liow.. hahaha.. but ok lar.. nothing that serious just some hundreds flying off only!

  38. Wow...RM500 + for the repair job!

    It happen once to me. I reversed but did not see behind also. *BANG* but luckily I went very slow. A little bit dented only.

    p/s: my email got problem. Can't reply your email. Will try to search for people.

  39. Sometimes we gotta pay for our lessons. I kena b4. So now I'm much more careful when reversing. Most importantly, no one was hurt.

  40. mnhl: ok thanks!

    slavemom: yeah, that is most important..

  41. So Andy was the man behind the Big Bang and it led to the formation of crater - ha ha... I really appreciate your sense of humor and how coolly you reacted to the incident. Thinking of money - it is on the way ha ha.... Bye.

  42. Oh dear! As long as no one was hurt..but it must have been a shock to witness it. I wished one of my sons had gone into the car repair business...they seem to make alot of money! Hope everything gets fixed soon.

  43. ouch, what a dent... must be a shock to Andy :-(. MOst important everyone is healthy and well la... money can find again :-).

  44. instantdoc: he is not scared at all.. driving again...

    cheryl: hey i wish my kids know how to fix cars too...

    peiyi: yes, it was a shock to him but it doesnt scare him off.


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