Monday, July 5, 2010

Ho Chi Minh Is My Tag

Hey bloggers.. is this the season of TAGS?

Not that I am not in favor, in fact, I do welcome them, it coincides with my "blankness" of what to post actually... Good that it comes at the right timing!

These tag came from two bloggers, one is FoongPC and Ghostly Nana.. both also have something in common, one likes to talk about ghost stories at times and Nana has a ghost nick on her... wonder why.. Ok, now the intructions that I need to do... they are as follows:- 1. Go to your photo files, select the 8th photo folder 2. Select the 8th photo in that folder 3. Post that photo along with the story behind it 4. Then challenge 8 blogging friends to do the same! So when I searched for my 8th Folder and the 8th Photo, I found this... Story line? Here goes...

This was taken in HO CHI MINH city, er... two years back... Went there with a few frens, (westerners and asians, guess which group I belong to?)
I love the traffic there.. :p

I just closed my eyes and screamed..
and then let myself be led through the traffic..

phew!!! I am Safe!
the traffic in HCM was super!
very expert drivers!!

And now.. 8 bloggers I need to tag... sigh... I know some of you do not like doing tags and a few others like to.... anyway, I will not impose, take it or leave it!!! hahahaa... ok , on a softer tone, can you please do it if you like to... or ignore it completely... I will not mind.

Here are the Super 8 men I like to tag.... Chris Au, Eugene, Fishing Guy, Pete, Kevin, Gabriel, Aaron & Andy...


  1. So fast! You are very efficient indeed. I will post why I have my nick on my 1 year anniversary. Stay tune. Didn't noticed you were tagged before. :) Thanks for doing the tag

  2. Wow so many motorbike. must be very scary with all those bikes.

  3. We were still in awe as to how the trishaw rider we travelled in maneuvered thru' the busy Hanoi intersection with no traffic lights during our visit there two years ago, not for the weak heart though.;P

  4. This is a great tag. BTW, that street is pretty crowded. I wonder how those drivers manage to drive through.

  5. ghostlynana: wondering what to post yours came in timely..

    inspiredmum: that is the 8th wonder of the world.. hahaha...

    mrstupid: yeah, i also wondered how.. they are super drivers..

  6. sis...i went to the 8th album but that album only got 6 how ah? no need to tag already like dat ..hehehe

  7. cheat one, u tag tak link to them one :P

    when i did the 15 tags, i took a whole 2 hours finding the url n linking them.. lol.. that's why this tag i decided not to tag anyone.. so tedious! :D

    claire.. your HAIR! lol... haahhahhaa.... blek....

  8. Hi Reanaclaire, Holy Smoke! Must be millions of those motorcycles there, huh!
    I guess crossing the road no joke too....but love your memories...and I sure love Vietnamese Pho beef noodles...lots of Vietnamese restaurants here, luckily.
    Have fun, Lee.

  9. merryn: hehhe.. not cheat.. i let them come and see for themselves lo.. as i said, take it or leave it, no obligation one.. my hair 2 years ago.. hehhe.. nice hor?

    ULee: see also scared.. they came charging at us.. all we did was to scream.. hahhaha...

  10. i hvn't been there yet. it sounds interesting.

  11. You really look young and cheerful in the lst picture! I never been there before, but I heard my husband said the foods were 'so so'.... betul ke?!! (He been their before during his business trip)

    Have a nice day!

  12. Alamak..tag...cabut lari liao! ha ha ha!

  13. sending over the fruit pastry cake to you now... :) it's easy to bake this cake, try it..

    Thanks for commenting... :)

  14. hahahaha... the traffic was really crazy..

  15. Thanks for doing the tag!

    But I thought if you were tagged twice, you are supposed to do this tag 2 times? Haha!! Ok just kidding!

    Oh Ho Chi Minh! Makes me feel like going for a holiday now!!!

  16. There are so many motorbikes, it is amazing that they get around so well. It must be very interesting to be a pedestrian trying to cross the street!

  17. Clair: This looks so cute and you had a neat story with great photos.

  18. hahahahahahahah very lovely last pic hahhhhahhaa

  19. wenn: i dont mind going again actually.. :p

    alice: 1st pic? i was not there la.. maybe u meant last pic? anyway, thanks!

    pete: superman fly fast fast away...

    patty: ghost nickname lol...

    cathJ: agree totally and completely!

    foongpc: yeah, I dont mind going there once again! Ben Tahn market..

  20. squirrelqueen: just close your eyes and let your fren lead u thru.. somehow or rather, they dont bang u one.. hahahaha..

    fishingguy: guess u do not know the tag.. lol..

    manglish: wahh... laughed so much over the last pic ah? yeah, my hair.. apa lah!

    cheryl: thank u.. :p

  21. Sorry sorry lah,,,,, i am kind of lost here but i still think is tag is creative,then again i am just lost.... ghost busted

  22. Sorry sorry lah,,,,, i am kind of lost here but i still think is tag is creative,then again i am just lost.... ghost busted

  23. Your 8th photo looks great! Ho Chi Minh is a city I am yet to visit!

  24. Sobs...I'm not one of the Supermen!!! But thank goodness! Hehehehehe!!!! I don't do tags. And 8th folder? I don't have any folders... LOL!!!

  25. irene: thanks.. nice to visit this city..

    stp: i know u dont do ma.. so i didnt tag u.. but i doubt the others do too.. hahaha..


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