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More Rides In Outdoor Theme Park, Gentings

From morning till afternoon we were at the Outdoor Theme Park, walking here and there, trying out most of the games... for RM40 per person, the entrance fees is worth it considering the rides, the thrills and the screams that followed.. you can sit again and again for all that it is worth.. only Yours Truly here is excluded from most games except for the last picture.. *malunya*
The Space Mountain Roller Coaster
all in darkness once it starts...
DragonFly Roller Coaster..
Fernie trying to "manuvoure" the tyre boat..
see Gab... so "enjoying"
the Brothers...
Mum can only stand and snap pictures...
Andy said the tyre too small for him.. hahahaa...
OK, this is safe for me.. vintage car..
going slow and steady... hahahaa...


  1. HAHAHA! really much fun! XD hey u oso can join one, ur 2 warrior is thr for u. XD

  2. are not that old la...haiyo

  3. You are just like me, I'm scared to get on anything! But I would have rode the vintage car, too! The dark roller coaster entrance would have made me faint before I even got into it!! But you all look like you are having so much fun!

  4. I think the RM40 not worth for me coz I'm afraid of most of the rides. Vintage car...ok lar. hahaa

  5. caroline: thanks but no thanks.. i cannot tahan the fright.. hahaha...

    kathy: not about old or young but about the height phobia la.. water too..

    ginny: i love shaking hands with u.. lol...

    Nmhl: sama sama.. lol..

  6. Hi! I email to you, check it out. :p

    I never tried those before the last time I went to Genting. Looks like lots of new outdoor entertainment there. Must bring the kids there someday

  7. Wah nice family trip... never mind about not taking the ride.. I think is the accompaniment and time spent together that count. :)

    I want to take my kids to Genting too. Take them for the rides in the Indoor theme park. :)

  8. Nice family outing. I used to be very adventurous eons ago and would die die go and tried out all those games but not anymore as I am afraid my heart cannot take it.:)

  9. So much fun. My daughter loved that...when she was small. Use to take her to all these places...spent a fortune, but never mind - as long as it made her happy. But when I slipped and fell and broke my arm at Sunway, that was it! She never wanted to go to such places again. Must have been real traumatic for her! Poor thing!

  10. Bet you can still do all those gravity defying rides,right? cos you pun tak nampak tua,,,,

    feeling young again after those rides?

  11. rose: a lot different already, as far as i gather.. i didnt go for 2 years..

    cheeyee: u r very right it is the time spent with them that counts..

    inspiredmum: hey, u r still young la.. heart can take if u can take heights..

    sjb: fun too!

    stp: gosh.. that serious? what made u fall then? yes, it must be traumatic for her.. she is a very good nice girl.. thank God for our kids!

    eugene: pictures only or real life?? :P

  12. are so funny, Claire. I'm afraid of those rides too and i guess the vintage car would be the one i'll try on. did you go on the boat ride at the indoor park?

  13. Haha u should go on the space shot! I did that 5 times non-stop. U can get a really nice view of genting :P

  14. =( The last time I went to Genting was when I was in Form 5. Cilaka... my life so boring!

  15. Nice outing with your family. I went on the Pirate ship once and that was the last time..haha..felt like fainting. No more next time..haha.

  16. Theme Parks are always fun.Thanks for providing all the details and the links.Look forward to more such posts.

  17. barb: that indoor one is too boring la.. at least vintage one is ok lar.. can press on pedal one.. hahaha...

    chris: gosh.. u serious?? my son went up once.. cukup liow!

    cleff: how to make it interesting is up to oneself.. hahaa.. true or not..

    mummygwen: me too..once in HK.. cukup!! nearly cried.. hahha...

    contentwriting: yes, more fun for the kids than for me.. :)

  18. I hope it was a wonderful experience for all of you to be in such a beautiful place. I too enjoy this type of rides in the water park. Thanks for providing those beautiful pictures in the post. Bye.

  19. Yea...the best thing u can ride again and again till u faint...gahahahahh

  20. afriqiyah: thanks for coming by to comment. yes, a nice experience..

    ling: everything has to be queued up..

  21. Haha...what a fun post! I love the last picture...over sized people in a vintage car...haha. Great that lal of you had so much fun. It's a long, long time since I last visited the Gentings. It must have changed a lot. Now I am waiting to visit the Paris Disneyland.

  22. u reminds me of my mum... my mum aso like that, watch us play and only join in the vintage car...

  23. mary: paris disneyland? wow.. so far, i have been to 2.. and i love the processions the most..

    medie007: hahaa... sure.. i think me and yr mum are almost same age..

  24. I enjoyed the outdoor theme park more and the scariest one is the most exciting one... that sky rocket or smtg.. the free fall.

  25. it's fun to try all those rides..thrilling!

  26. pikey: shuttler or something..yes.. very scary.. my son experienced that..

    elaine: u sit, i sit..

    wenn: did u try? hahaha..


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