Friday, July 2, 2010


Before I go on, this post is meant as a jest and not to "belittle" anyone or the innocent...

It was nearly lunch time when I packed up my things and started to rush to the lift. Elin and I had a lunch appointment today....

Before I could reached the exit door to the lift, one SYT (sweet young thing) called me from behind very loudly, "Kak Claire, apa makna "M-A-S...... T-U-R-B......A-T-I-O-N??" (sis, what is the meaning of ..........) She spelt it out in between pauses... even before she could finish the "TION", I was already jolted, "gosh, gosh.. this girl, spelling out so loudly for the whole office to hear!!" I turned back and looked around, no one was smiling nor sniffling... Either they didn't catch what she was saying or they were too engrossed with their work!

Quickly I walked to her place, trying to shuffle my laughter at the same time... I looked at her and in a serious tone, I said, "Makna tu.....Main Sendiri lah!!" (means go Play Yourself!) She looked at me with a bewildered face and when I saw her face, I burst out guffawing... after a few moment of shocked, she began to catch it and started laughing non-stop. Gosh!!!

Someone has learn a new word today!
I hope I gave her the right meaning :p


  1. happen in my office too.

    It was a Saturday. Dress code for the day was casual. T-shirt and jeans.

    a married woman colleague of mine who is very innocent wore a T-shirt to work with some wordings. Then we asked her she know what it says or not.

    She was like "huh?"

    When she discovered the meaning of the word, she was horrified. Wore her jacket the whole day after that.

  2. Claire ,yo how come you din tell me this when we were having our lunch? That would be dessert ! LOL!

  3. mwahahah! lol! "main sendiri!"

  4. hahahha claire, good explanation.

  5. Hope she doesn't misuse it when she is talking to her friends..

  6. I like your explanation. Simple, precise and homourous!

  7. kathy: hahhaaa.. they learn something new.. good to learn a new word per day...

    elin: i forgot about it la.. we were arguing about something, remember?? :p

    caroline: right or wrong?

    willie: on the dot??

    amy: cos i was rushing for time.. :)

    spicymom: maybe her frens wont understand.. :)

    mingna: rushing for time.. hahaa...

  8. yes, it's "main sendiri" - to put it literally, though there's a proper term for it in Malay :)

  9. haha..serious but cute jokes!

  10. alice: anyway, with today's moderness, nothing is "shocking" anymore.. :)

    kev: dont know the proper word... mine is bahasa pasar.. hahaha..

    wenn: have to be serious when explaining. :p

  11. As our kids grow, they tend to get so inquisitive and can ask any form of questions out of the blue. I am often dumbfounded too by my kids' questions.

    I think you answered well:)

  12. yeah wondering she gets the real meaning?... but your explanation is good enough! hehehe :-)

  13. Wow! I can't imagine a grown woman not knowing that!! But then again, America is just so full of sexually suggestive things, it's in commercials, T.V., everywhere! Maybe people are not so much exposed to it or are more innocent where you live? It's kind of refreshing, in a way, that there are people who don't know so much of this.

  14. hahhahahaha.... sigh...what will happen if my kids start asking weird questions such this... hahahha

  15. denesa: hopefully..

    dora: let her bf explain further.. hahahaa...

    ginny: some are still innocent and naive..

    cathJ: read some reference books!

  16. well,it happened to be a young gal asking,if it's a young boy asking....then you should reply ," jerk the Buddha's head" !...hahaha !
    have a fruitful weekend ,reanaclaire

  17. Did you ask her wat is the meaning of Master Bed-room? hehehehhe.. see how she react..

  18. ah ngao: u too! thanks

    merryn: maybe i ask her that on monday.. :P

  19. Once I asked my colleague about 'wanker.' They refused to tell me and I googled it. One of the slang for wanker is 'John Howard'(Australia ex PM)

  20. Good grief! Main sendiri...she could easily misunderstand it to mean - playing by oneself. Imagine when she sees a kid playing one his own with his toys and she will tell people he's masturbating! ROTFL!!!

  21. It is indeed hard to work out the meaning of certain terms instantly. It is either due to mispronunciation or wrong spelling. Sometime people find it a fun to use this type of words. Thanks for highlighting this topic. Bye.

  22. ermayum : jest..

    ghostynana: i just had to simplify for her..:P

    stp: eh, i never tot of that la.. but she understood me since she laughed too..

    instantdocs: thanks for coming by..

  23. ppsstttt...why got this word "appear" during working time lei? ahhahahahhahahhahah * i just curious*

  24. Haha. You had a good explanation to Claire. I'd not know hot to answer this question. :)


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