Monday, August 2, 2010

All Because Of You...

Just this afternoon, while waiting for the meeting to start, one of my colleagues and I were talking about travels and she asked me where I would love to go again... I answered that I wanted to go US but I got to wait for my girl to finish her Form 5 first before I can travel so far...

Then at this moment, she asked me whether I still think of my husband or not... how many years have it been... I told her that I used to wonder how life would have been if he is around now... with my kids, all grown up, Would we be happy? Do we have marital problems? Will I still be blogging like crazy? Nope... I would not be blogging like mad, surely not like this....

So I told my colleague, Yes, I think of him very often but I don't cry anymore....
Am I proud of myself? No, I am proud of my kids...
When people said I sacrificed and did a great job... No, I didn't... they grow up by themselves, I only work and bring back income.... I feel I didn't do much at all...I am not the 24 hours mum, the type of mum whose kids always come first... sometimes, I come first... serious.... so....
Now I wouldn't be possible..
If not Because Of God, we are not what we are today...


  1. Claire:

    The motherly love of yours is the greatest love of all. You're a great mother. I would like to quote this line from your post:
    If not Because of You, they will not be what they are today...

  2. Because of His great love, you have raised your children well, with love and great intergrity.

    You are one great mom!

  3. I wrote a comment but then the page disappeared.. apa lah. Nevermind write again.

    Claire, you are the greatest mom of all. You brought up 3 kids single-handedly and not only that, you took care of your other family members that needed medical attention and more... Hugs to you..

    Yeah I got your hint, won't be blogging like mad anymore and will spend more time with william kay? :P

  4. because your kids have a good example. They look up to you.Can see from their demure that they follows you a lot. My "follow" not mean tag alng but more like "Hock lei" or "Chi lei".

  5. mingna: i m touched..but i feel guilty..cos i m not that "24 hau ah ma..."

    jessie: i wish i m ..but i know He gives me lots!

    merryn: sure or not?? u spend less time blogging??? :) ok, good.. hope my post works for you...

    kathy: cham lo..if hok ngor.. i m very Me one.. sometimes i go enjoy first.. they come later.. lol.. i let them grow up by themselves at times.. that is why ... i have to say that..

  6. Thank God, and thanks mum! Hopefully, v shall have enough to go around travel soon and fulfill ur hopes..hehe

  7. Beautiful post. I'm sure you're one of the best Mother's around. We Mother's always feel there are times when we weren't there enough for them, but like you said, we all need some time for ourselves now and then. Something I must say, I didn't make enough time for. Thanks for your comment on the reunion photo, that was jsut a test, I have removed it. Abe is having problems getting photos to show up when someone views his blog on Internet Explorer, but no problem if they use Firefox. We've been trying everything, still haven't figured out the problem, so I told him to put a note on his blog, if they want to view photo, use Firefox until he can figure out what the problem is. Have a great week.

  8. Well, we all do what we have to. It is good that you are not the 24 hour kind of mom, or it would have been way too hard to leave the children to go to work. When they get to be older, they see what you have done and why and really appreciate it.

  9. What a nice post...right from your heart :)

    God Bless you dear :)

  10. *roll eyes* Claire. Never feel bad. I mean... look at me... I'm not exactly mother of the year material either. Unlike some people...I mean... unlike everyone else around me... I dun make a good mother. I know that, and I admit it. So? That does not make me less a human. At least i dun go around wreaking havoc in people's marriage and whatnot, right? I suppose at least that make me quite a decent woman. Not some b!tch in a human skin.

    It take guts to admit that we are not perfect. I salute you, Claire. Being a not so good mother... does not mean that makes you less a mother. Just look at your three kids... they turned out fine. That's all that counts.

    Do you remember Sophia? That girl... a mathematic genius...she went to the university at 14...she ended up being a very famous prostitute despite her mother and father brought her up like a genius when she's a lil girl. Everyone said her parents were the best parents in the world. Look at what they get now?

  11. I can only be sure of two things, dear,,,,, God's love is everlasting and second of all, your children's love to you is as good as sunshine, it shines everyday,,,,,,,,

    since i had personally met the three wonderful children of yours, i bet one day, we will not only go to USA... but all round the world,in first class,,,,,, man.

    proud of you too,,,,,take care now and god bless

  12. Everything happens for a reason. It is how God has planned it. Not everyone can be that lucky to be be a 24 hours mom. You have done your best and your kids know it too!

  13. The journey of life goes on. You are a strong lady and you have wonderful kids!

  14. I salute you for your courage to assume the responsibility of being both father and mom to your children.

    In all these God will always have the answers.


  15. chrisau: amen to that...

    son: sure taking me along next time? hahaha... yes, let's leave our travels to Him.. :)

    patty: hope your test will be successful, dont know why firefox didnt support your pics.. :)

    ginny: yes, i do what i can and sometimes i have time to myself.. they are great kids..thank God..

    cleff: u r very patient too, we r humans, we tend to make mistakes and what's not..sometimes we learn from our experience.. no one is perfect and we humans tend to be selfish in some ways.. i love to go here and there, sometimes with my frens and not bringing my kids, and at times feel guilty..

  16. kiasumom: i guess we mums tend to do what we can..considered best to the kids.. but i know sometimes i shred off some responsibility too..

    puan isah: thank you...

    pete: oooh..not very strong.. i beh tahan at times and scream! :)

    lotusflower: yes, i do not know the reason for this but i know we do wish he is around us...

  17. God put us in situations for a reason. Your husband would be very proud of you.

  18. does not mean having to be with someone all the time. The quality time you spend together, the encouragement and support...the concern...the care you gave when they were ill.....the money you work hard to earn to support them - the list just goes on and on and on, and to think that you did all that, you're a great woman, Claire. Hope your children remember that and cherish all that you've done - but never mind. Even if they do not, it does not matter... You've done your part, your conscience is clear....God will bless you abundantly.

  19. u know, i become misty eyed when i read your post, and i still say u are one very strong mom. even now when i hv to care for the kids myself, i dunno how i would be able to stay sane and do a good job if my partner was taken away. but God sustained u, and He has great plans for you. give yourself a pat on the back!

    looking down, i'm sure your hubby is smiling with pride.

  20. brandonmum: i wonder whether he does..

    stp: nearly moved me to tears.. thanks! that is really encouraging.. i guess i need that on and off, dont know why.. sometimes i wallow in self pitiness, that is very bad of me..

    irene: whatever i did, it was not much.. but at times i feel very guilty for not doing more.. just want to rant out sometimes and need some encouragement.. that is me...anyway, thanks..

    sjb: God Bless u too..

  21. u r a blessed mom with nice and warm family....may god grace be with u always...

  22. hi claire

    this is the first time i've heard you mention your late husband.

    i think you've done a fantastic job with your kids by being their friend, their confidante and their soulmate. i can see a very strong bond and connection between you and your kids and it won't be possible if you hadn't been a great mum/dad and bread winner.

    so well done and also well done for thinking of yourself occasionally too.

  23. Nice post...
    You should be proud of yourself..

    Have a nice day!

  24. U r a strong women. And a great mother too! :D

  25. You should not belittle yourself for it is true that you were able to care for your children until they have grown up. And it is also to your credit that you ascribed all your accomplishments to God. Yes, He is your strength and power in times of needs. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  26. Claire, because you are happy, so your family is happy too. Happy mother will have a happy family. This is important, and you successful in leading a happy life. That's the thing you make for yourself and your family as a whole.

  27. Leadership by example is very true. Good kids are the product of loving parents who offer only goodness. ;)

  28. via: thank u...

    pengpeng: i m not always good.. my kids are very forgiving .. they know this mum sometimes leave them alone and letting them to be on their own..

    hayley: no, not really..

    Mel: yes, He is my tower of strength and stronghold..

    nmhl: hope i m...

    sheohyan: i guess most mothers are like that hor? me not exceptional...

  29. Dono I really patient or not... but sometimes, I think my patience got an expiry date~!

  30. gratitude: upbringing is

    cleff: i also no patience nowadays..

  31. Such a heartfelt post.

    I like how you do not finger-point, and yet quietly not take credit for all the marvellous hard work you have done in raising the kids.

    Kudos, my respect for ya, Renaclaire.


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