Monday, August 23, 2010

I Started A Joke...

Looking back at my previous post on such and such a date, it has opened my eyes in what blogging world is about. Any blog post written here is exposed to anyone, anybody, anywhere all over the world. While I took for granted that my blog was only read by my friends and bloggers whom I know, but I realized that, no, it was not, thinking deeper into it, this blog is open to everyone who comes by, some we know and many we do not...

Talking about that post... I received some negative feedback from some anonymous. I didn't realize that what I wrote had created a misunderstanding. For those who know me, they know I was joking, for those who don't know me, they thought I am a sadist. :)

Ok, I am sure some of you will ask which post I have written that received a "slight furore." It was the two dogs post... Labbie and Pokemon. When I snapped the pictures, they were actually playing with each other. But when I posted them up in my blog, I have created a Havoc story between the two dogs and some thought I purposely let my Labbie "fought" with Pokemon in a duel, like the giant Goliath with the shepherd David. Later I explained that Pokemon is a "weekend" friend to Labbie and that Labbie shared her food with Pokemon too...

Anyway it is good to voice out your grievances in that post so that I learn how to be more cautious with my words next time. But it is also good to know a blogger well enough before one jumps into conclusion... and lastly, it is also ethical to put your name there so that I can come to you (blog) and explain the situation rather than staying behind the closed door.

Sorry, I just got to know that some may not have blogs so I cannot go to them... conclusion: I guess I have to get used and not fear seeing the word "Anonymous" in my blog.. hahahaa.. How many of you worry when you see the word "Anonymous" in your comment box? Cham... I do worry one.. cos I am "sai tam." (no guts) :)


  1. wow...must be one of your fans or stalker ? hahaha...
    Anyway, yeah, agreed with you. Try ot understand the blogger first before firing remarks.

  2. Oh, good grief! I remember reading that post and thought you were watching them both, and then put Pokemon back in his cage before things got too bad. You never know who may be lurking...

  3. To get to know a blogger well enough before jumping into conclusion = a fair statement :D

  4. hmm...actually i don't see anything wrong with your post. i didn't think the dogs were fighting with each other or labbie bullying the smaller one.

  5. I couldn't agree with you more. You're right, we must know the person well before making critical comments about their posts. Something to ponder...

  6. chrisau: chui ngam this ..

    ginny: a playful duo they are.. I love to see that Pokemon too.. cute face!

    robinson: but it is difficult to know a blogger well unless we always hop over.. daily..

  7. Yeah sometimes it is extremely hard to 'control' or please people's emotion or interpretation. Whoa we have to be extra careful coz there are bound to be different tolerance level..Also people can be critical and jump to conclusion fast..

  8. barb: i also never thought of it.. but i think i have sort of misled some in my post.. when i said the next day i will let them create some excitement again, some thought I am a sadist..wanted to see Pokemon being bullied again.. :p they never thought i was joking...

    mingna: yeah, something to ponder.. we also mustnt be critical, huh..

  9. bananaz, yeah, maybe we do that too.. judging people in just one post.. next time i also must not simply comment and misjudge others..

  10. well said, miss claire.
    we can't please everybody.. don't bother much..if he/she did not divulge her/his identity, it only mean that it is not that important..

  11. claire, i agree with you a hundred times and more over! there are cowards out there who think nothing about posting careless comments, be it constructive or not, on other ppl's blog, and not having the balls to up their name on it. sure it may be a fake, but wth. I got one too, whom I have a close suspect on the identity because of the style of writing, but never confronted the person... on another couple of incidents, close ppl, as in... REALLY close loved ones made comments on what and how I should write.. and that, my friend, was the source of my depression some months back, which brought me to almost killing my own blog.

    Sad to say, yes I was that close. But you, claire... write what you write, how you write, and don't let no one's comments ever doubt yourself.

  12. owh... sigh.. like dat oso kena tembak kah?

  13. Look before you leap? Think before you talk? Ponder before you post? :p

  14. veta: but i like to explain too.. dont want ppl to misunderstand.. :)

    irene: yeah, i can imagine.. it might leave us with 2choices, to carry on or leave the blog.. but sayang la.. well, actually she/he meant good.. at least they are caring to the animals.. only that they dont know me well enough to know i was joking about the pics.

    merryn: ouch ouch!!

    tekkaus: hahaha.. yes to all!!

  15. I'm your faithful reader but I am not a blogger. Hardly I posted comments but I did so for couple of times under 'Annonymous', ( but hey, not all annonymous under me, wokay????)

    Most times when I'm busy, I took 5 mins to visit your blog for pleasure reading.

    If you ask me how I get to know your blog,I'm telling you that I don't know because I've forgotten.(Probably, I was googling for food in IPOH.)

    As a blogger yourself, you should have known that your blog will be known unexpectedly. Nonsense comments from unknown people
    will come with it as well. How are you going to deal with it? Claire, take it as a pinch of salt and respond with a sense of humour. If you read comments carefully, these harmless 'commentors' usually wants to relive their memories through your writings.

    I know Labbie will not bully Pokemon. It was a joke to put them together in a cage. I hope you don't mind me commenting simply because I'm not one of your blogger friends. :)

  16. Anonymous, thank you for coming by... I wonder how many of us feel this.. when I see anonymous name, it strike a fear in me.. lol...
    Actually, I do not mind negative comments at all, if I have done wrong, I will admit as in that post, when i read through once again, it did sound horrible esp. to those who hardly know me at all.. it made me soundlike a sadist esp the part when i said i do it again the next day for the excitement and i even put "hehehehe", (sounds like a villain).. well, i admit it sounded terrible of me to write that, but for my part, it was meant as a joke.....

    this case reminded me of Patrick Teoh when he pulled a prank on radio live about the Dancing Ducks on April fool day. He meant it as a joke but the joke went overboard and he was "removed" from radio 4. Coming back to my post, I was startled when I read the comments and then i re-read back my post on a reader's point of view, I was like "oh gosh!!! i did sound cruel...."

    What I really wanted when I wrote about anonymous in this post, is that I wanted to explain my situation to that person cos it bothers me to be misunderstood by others. :) I dont like to be misunderstood, i would like to be in the clear.. :)

    Again, thank you for coming by, i guess i have to get used to seeing the word "Anonymous" in my comment box anymore..

  17. Eh the title tukar-ed thought my eyes playing tricks haha. Sing along with the title..this song for you..

    ♫ I started to blog which started the whole world laughing.. but I ain't no sadist that the joke was on me oh no..♫

  18. Claire, when you said you'll do it again with the 'hehehehe', I was laughing. You were full of fun! I'm sure all your faithful readers agree with me that you were having a healthy fun with humours. C'mon, only sickos will think you were serious!

    I read all your posts and I respect you alot. I am a fussy and lansi person. I don't like wasting time reading rubbish. Your posts are simple but very homey type lor! I like!:) Claire, don't be sensitive over comments. Answer them with laughters because this is what I have you in mind. :D

  19. Cis... ur one of the kindest person I ever know. Pijak semut oso wun die wan. Dono who so loon tot ur serious. Cis.

    Neway... your blog title reminds me of Bee Gees song... 'I Started A Joke'.

    ps: Sobs... I know you're gonna call me old lady again. Sobsob... see.. I like Bee Gees, I like Grease, and I think John Travolta is hot! LOL... neway... good thing I like all these, eh? Those songs and shows are so meaningful.

  20. don't worry. lucky the comments were over dogs and not people. i didn't read the post earlier but went back to read it. the comments were not that bad, though it could have been put in a better tone, so that it would come across less 'forceful'. there ARE so many ways to get a message across.
    i hope people would understand that. not necessary to cause hurt. the world would be a much better place too. that person was probably alarmed. and that meant he/she loves animals very much. so, that is good. you have caring people who read your blog. ;)
    thank goodness you're such a gentle soul too.

  21. It's ok to give comments... There are things that we MAY not know and anybody who is willing to ADVISE should be warmly welcome. But they should do it nicely and someone visiting your blog is like a guest coming to your house. You simply do not go to a friend's house and start scolding and criticising left right and centre. That is simple - NO MANNERS or the Chinese would say, the parents never teach.

    I had one on Facebook yesterday on my comment about people spamming me with invites to this free, that free thingy and this application or that application...and this woman dropped by, warning me to be careful in case people will sumpah me. Huh??? Ah takes all kinds to make the world!!!

  22. P.S.
    And why should people comment as "anonymous"? Isn't it nice to make new friends through a blog...using a pseudonym, at least and eventually, when already friends, one can introduce oneselves and ones' real names and get to know one another better? Right, Claire?

  23. bananaz: But I didnt see, that the joke was on me.. hahahaa.. I love this song..

    anonymous: ok ok.. i m fighting the anony phobia..cos u r one friendly one.. lansi or not, i no mind, as long as u continue to motivate me, i can overcome the anonymous word.. :p thanks for the encouragement!

    cleff: if u like old songs, that show u r sentimental.. :) even Andy told me this.. he prefers the oldies than todays hits.. but not my girl.. she said i old fashioned.. backdated liow.. hahaha... hey, i watch Grease movie dont know how many times liow, never fed up too.. even Andy agrees with me..

    tuti: yeah, on the brighter note, they are animal lovers, kind of caring, no, i m not "reprimanding" just that I dont want to be misunderstood... im the type who likes to clarify there and then to avoid grudges.. so i hope anything not right, there and then, we settle our differences :)

    stp: i was thinking of that.. so that i can address them as names rather than anonymous.. but having said that, it is not to our preference, as long as they come and enjoy reading, it is all that matters now... i really appreciate those who come by and leave comments... so that i know what they are thinking instead of harbouring grudges.. :) Well, Peace to All...

  24. I agree with you claire. Some people take seriously what we have written in our blog. They don't even ask questions before they write those bad comments and they hide because they don't want to be corrected.

  25. Yes Claire, like one of the comments said, take it with a pinch of salt. I'm sure it wasn't meant to hurt you.

  26. Claire, knew earlier it was just a joke..cos we know you well.

  27. be cool..don't worry too much. Just enjoy blogging.

  28. ahh?? the dog's post? i dint see any wrong with it leh. LOL!

  29. fely: yes, it is good to get feedbacks.. but i just want to explain and not be misunderstood. :)

    ling: next time must label our posts.. this is a joke.. hehehe...

    analou: i guess it is alright.. not just for that post, i should prepare myself to accept any kind of comments, this is to correct ourselves in a way.. when people point out our weakness, we should analyse ourselves, are we or are we not that way... if we are, we apologize and correct ourselves, if we are not, we should explain it out to them...

    wenn: not only enjoy blogging but eating as well.. hahaha..

    caroline: there is nothing wrong nor right.. just some differ in opinions.. and explanation is needed :)

  30. You know, to me i don't like to respond my comments to other's comments in my own blog, i rather go over to the blogger's blog to comment or respond to comment,lest create an argument or sort.

    i respect each and everyone's comments,be it nice or othewise,hahahahahahah.

    don't worry keep blogging

  31. Actually I look forward to the Anonymous because it's usually my son or my cousin.

  32. eugene: i was like u before.. but after stp mentioned like he was talking to the wall, that sets me thinking..i must respond in a way. :) well, now i will do my best to answer all, though i might miss out at times..

    kay: for sure u know its them? :) it might be someone special..

  33. hahaha.. I don't allow anonymous in my blog.. the saying goes "either you come read, and put in your thoughts in bright day light, OR you read and leave without leaving any footprints since you like to be anonymous... " :p

    even one may not have a blog, but at least have an ID, so we know who are we talking to.. :D ngam mou?

  34. I agree with you, sometimes we just have to be extra careful with what we write, because we never know who's reading. Some of them are bound to be strangers who don't know us and will judge us (falsely) for what we write!

  35. Hmm, now that you mentioned.. I seldom have Anonymous leaving comment in my blog.. most are blogger friends who has a blog.
    But dont worry, this is your blog, you can post anything you like.. :)

  36. cyn: knowing u, i know u wont allow.. hahaha..

    sweetwitch: but most of them who come by are our nice.. though we do not know them personally, they do not meant harm.. maybe i read too many anonymous in other peoples' blogs that has left a mark in myself..

    hayley: yes, i m sure most of them are your friends too.. :)

  37. Yes, we as blogger also got to be careful with our posts and words.....but then again, it is your blog. You can do what ever you want here.... I have been bombarded by anonymous before and they gave bad comments etc, but what the heck :p

  38. Actually, ppl who don't have a blog need not be anonymous. It is a conscious choice. Anonymous ppl do have names (I so believe) and they can end with their name... some ppl hv blogs but don't want to reveal it, also use the anonymous option, yet write their name in the comment box.

  39. That is a price of blogging..some people does not have sense of humor..let them learn from you..hehehe..I miss a lot your posts..being busy...sorry for that

  40. sorry to hear that happens. But then, we can't please every one. I think we need to be thick-skinned to stay in the blogging world :D I would appreciate people use a name rather than putting 'anonymous'. Claire, move on and enjoy your blogging. We all love you and your blog! :D

  41. rose : nothing serious actually.. just ranting out what I felt last night.. it is a pinch of salt in a big ocean.. :)

    irene: i guess some do not like to put real name there nor a pseudonym either..

    alv: hey, long time no read your blog.. yeah..what happened and why so busy? i m 8!

    marymoh: same with me, two way traffic, i try to cover as many blogs as i can each day.. to get in touch with all in my list.. thanks!

  42. My humble opinion is that it is your blog, and as long as you do not harm anyone in anyway (or in this case, do not harm any dogs in any way), I think you have the freedom to blog whatever you like in whatever fashion :-).

  43. Like u say...people or bloggers who know you will understand you.

    Am sure no harm done.

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. Am surprised that a nice blogger like yourself also encounter these cowards who hide behind anonymity.

    Oh well, there are so many weird people out there, so it's no surprise. It's a small learning lesson that we should be mindful and try even harder to live positively. Cheers to you ^_^

  46. Don't be troubled over the comment, be happy as always. Happy go lucky!

  47. Don't worry Claire, if you feel uncomfortable receiving comments from 'Annonymous', I will not comment. Will still be your quiet faithful reader. Have a pleasant evening. :)

  48. .using a pseudonym..

    What for?

    If I comment, and I sign off as 'A' or 'B' etc.. someday, an Anon with vulgar comments sign off using 'A' or 'B', you might think it's from me.

    If I tell you, I am very vulnerable when it comes to IT, will you believe me? There are alot out there sharing the same 'under-knowledge'with me when it
    comes to IT. It took me self-learnt to click on the comment page, and it took me years to understand how to read comments. It took me alot of time to learn how to post a comment too. Spare a thought for these group.

    If your comment box comes with 'Anonymous', of course I will click on that before posting my comment. If it comes with 'website required but will not be publish' , I'll be happy to do so.
    I am not an experienced person when it comes to IT. Please pardon me. If comments comes from any 'Anonymous' with foul and unacceptable language, by all means delete them because it's your blog. If they come with well meanings, by all means answer them with an open heart lor. ;-)

  49. Haha! You just can't please everyone all of the time.

  50. gratitude: after reading so many comments, i guess we should respect their privacy..

    boeyjoey: i think all meant good..

    nightwing: yes, i should rec with thanks!!

    cindy: dont worry be happy! :)

    anonymous: hey, please don't!! i kind of regret opened this post.. it is just a general comment on any anonymous, i think i know who u r.. please don't be a silent reader, be a commenter too.. come again to Ipoh.. elin and i will take u out again!! :)

    anonymous: are u the same as the above anonymous? please cool down.. nothing serious meant here.. i want to apologize if i have over-reacted to this post. i hope no hard feelings..

    lynette: no one can do that.. not possible..

  51. those of us who know you, know that u post it in jest. Dont worry too much. I know u r not cruel lady. In fact the sweetest one.

  52. Well..I used to also feel that should be some etiquette when it comes to leaving comments. Doesn't mean you cant see the person face to face means you can judge and be sarcastic. but well...diff ppl make the world ya. So have to exercise tolerance and patience.

    Hope that doesn't cramp your blogging style though.

  53. kathy: what a sweet thing to say.. actually nothing serious happened.. am i over-reacting? i think so ..

    ann: at the moment of my post, i was just ranting out what i felt, but now i feel that i was wrong.. i over-reacted.. i should be more "open" to any comments.. i hope my anonymous will not be mad at me..


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