Thursday, August 26, 2010

Badminton World Cup 2010 Is On Live!

World Cup Badminton is on again!!! Astro is showing live now, in a couple of hours, Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong are playing against a China young pair. Never under estimate the China pair...better worry for our Malaysian double players.

Recently in the papers, KKK said that his passion is eating...and no wonder la.. he gained so much weight and compared to other badminton players, he is on the plump side. Heard he has shed some pounds... well, I will see about that later on TV.

Lee Chong Wei will coming on after them... hopefully these Malaysian players can go into quarter finals!! They are the only ones left in the whole group.... others have "packed up." sigh..

(12.31am latest update: KKK/TBH breezed into the quarter finals tomorrow)


  1. Claire, you are a real Badminton Kaki!

  2. wuah.. can handle or not. fingers busy tapping and eye also busy following the shuttlecock. Rest well k ?

  3. mingna: when Malaysians play only.. hahhaa...

    elaine: ladies normally multitask, right? )

  4. Thank goodness they made it into the quarter. At least they justified their world no.1 billing. :D

  5. China's new pair of players are good this time. It's time to put pressure on Malaysia's bench.


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