Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cynthia's Home Made Moon Moon Cakes

If I did not go to Cynthia's blog this afternoon, I wouldn't know that Mooncake festival is just a month away. For many years now we do not really celebrate this festival, what my kids and I did was to have a "makan" outside and after that, back home to our own individual activities. No more "lantern" and "candle" playing like in those younger days.

Oh, out of topic.... soh jor...

Sorry... what I actually want to post is about Cynthia's homemade MoonCakes! Just go to her blog and she has all the information u need if u want to order. Free "shipping" for orders over RM120.00 and if less than that, a minimal fee is charged for the delivery to your doorstep. Fair enough... So.... this year, seek out Cynthia for a change. Don't order or buy from restaurants for your loved ones... Allow them to taste the homemade Moon Cakes from our blogger, Cynthia the Chef.


  1. ya lo...some home made mooncake will be the best. Outside ones are normally too sweet :(

  2. My granddaughter is Chinese, so I have had moon cakes, and I have posted thm on my blog. Very pretty, but takes an eternity to make.

  3. Hmmm...must drop by her blog and chcek this out.

  4. It is quite interesting to know about the Moon Cake festival. I was not aware of it. Thanks for the information. One thing I can say about cakes is that it is better to order a home made cake if possible. Bye.

  5. OK will drop by her blog. I love mooncakes but i just think they are way overpriced!!

  6. Mooncake festival and moon moon cakes is something I have really heard for the first time in my life. So can't comment much on it.


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