Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Food Court In Taiping Town

Continuation of my Taiping trip... from the lake, we went to town to drive around...and always ended up eating at the food court in town.

we parked the car opposite this corner

and we walked across to the food court here..

so many stalls and so much food...

the famous kueh man.. (desserts corner)

very busy managing the stall...

so much kuih-muih (desserts)

don't know what to choose...

ended up taking mee jawa....

and ice blended red bean..


  1. A dessert milkshake made with red beans? That sounds very strange!

  2. Kakakkaa... Claire, i know how to make mee jawa... got the recipe in my blog. go try la. :D

  3. Aiya, I should not be viewing this post of yours now (midnight supper time + living far far away fr hometown :P)

  4. Hah!!! I love red bean milk shake too...and all those kuihs - but only if very lemak. Yum!

    Oooo...what a lovely building! The old colonial architecture!!! They must preserve all this heritage...

    Wah! Taiping, small town so congested kah? Like Sibu last time...but the late YB did a good job when he headed the town council, now a lot better already.

  5. I know I would RUN right to the desserts corner!

  6. i miss taiping...oh the cendol :) and the lakes garden :)

  7. I miss the taiping char kuay teow!

  8. My second home Taiping. Yeah1 Me and my family always go to this food court to have our breakfast. :D

  9. ginny: it tastes good!!

    cleff: i m not into jawa mee but just took to try only.. :)

    HN: sorry about that.. :)

    stp: cos it was weekend, a lot of people came out to shop esp in this town area.. other days, not so congested, i think.. yes, i didnt know the building came out so.. british like.. colonial..

    cheryl: chinese posts are mostly eating.. hahaha...

    fufu: u r from there?

    chrisau: i think u didnt go there for many years, right?

    tekkaus: yes, there are a lot of stuff.. esp in the afternoon..

    chvoon: same to u!!

  10. The food court you went to is known as Larut Matang, named after the former supermarket in the same premise. Foodwise, ok la but not as good as Ipoh food. I always tell my Taiping friends and colleagues that Ipoh food is this good, that good and Taiping food generally sucks. Every time when I go back to Ipoh, I will sure try to sapu as much food as possible because I ain't getting anything nice to eat here in Taiping.

  11. Ahh... that's my favorite food court. It offers more than 50 stalls, comprises mainly of Chinese & Malay food. The price is generally cheap and reasonable.

  12. Yes, there's no more other place then having nice food at Taiping! If people ask me which one is good. I'll say everything is good! Nyonya Kuih alwiz da best! U can't find the original and traditional taste anywhere else accept Taiping. Did u go Ho Peng Coffee shop (da 1st picture u took). You should try the "Lobak". nice too!!

  13. i think after sept next yr then i will have time to finally go perak...find u ya..hehe

  14. I love food court...just love all the crowd and all the many mouth-watering food...mmm. Now you make me miss home :D

  15. mingna: u must call me when u come to Ipoh.. i can take u to eat what u cannot find in ipoh..hahaha.. as if u cannot find.. we can come out with u ..me and wenn.. :)

    yvonne: yes, i saw the whole court.. but always ended up eating either koay teow goreng mostly..

    angeline: yes, i have been to that shop but never eaten lobak from there.. hey, i must try that one day...

    manglish: next year Sept? wow.. how soon.. hahaha...

    mary: when r u coming home? :) elin and i can come meet u up..

  16. I haven't travelled to this part of Malaysia before.

    That kuey kuey must be really yummy, with that long queue:)

  17. I been to this food court a numbers of time but still didn't have the chance to try the famous Char Keow Teoy... Sigh~

  18. denesa: lots of varieties actually.. that is why the crowd..

    tz: there are a quite a number of stalls selling ckt, but i dont know which is the best! hahaha...

  19. Hey nice pictures and nice food court, it seems there are lots of variety of food but the dessert, milkshake with red beans really heard first time hope it might be fabulous...

  20. carol.. next time u must go and try it out..

  21. The food court is marvelous and the servings are really Woh! I really loved the post and I'm shocked to see so many stall side by side.

  22. maidstone: it is a normal sight here in Malaysia. :)


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