Monday, August 9, 2010

I Love Yoo In De Gardens

The latest IN happening is at the De Gardens, Ipoh... so many new outlets have opened recently, namely Pappa Rich, Frutti Tutti, Yun Nam, Mong Kok, Boston, Burger King and now the latest cafe franchise called I LOVE YOO! (What a name for a snack corner)

This latest cafe franchise is opened by my friend's son and now together with two of young partners (all aged 26 only) they take a big risk to open this cute little snacky shop right at the main entrance of De Gardens.

It was my first time stepping into De Gardens... It was not fully utilized yet, there are still some empty lots but in time to come, all will be fully occupied. I can expect more crowd later on but one setback is that there is insufficient parking lots. WE drove three rounds to find a parking but in vain, finally we parked our car a short distance away from De Gardens.

It's a very simple cute little shop...

selling beancurd dessert,
fresh soya bean, porridge and some
typical asian snacks...

it was crowded when we went yesterday...

for something light after a heavy meal,
I would recommend you here...

this is the young handsome boss...

and you can drop by here for some fresh snacks
before u head on home or to work...


  1. Aiks... I can make all those at home... except for the taufufa. Kekekekeke...those fried stuff... is to die for. O.O

  2. Saw this in KL before,but haven't tried it. Good that it is now in Ipoh, thanks for sharing. They should give you some discount or adverstising fees.

  3. the boss so young....looks like barely teens

  4. The food looks good and nice atmosphere I see, with the pretty flowers. If I lived there, I would ask you to take me and we would have e fun meal!

  5. kathy: yes, very young..

    ginny: great, if only u were here..

  6. Oh so you have PappaRich there already?

  7. I Love Yoo? What a name for a snack shop! Haha

  8. barb: yes, i never heard of it till now...

    foong: yes i agree with u.. what a name for a snacky shop.. hahaa...

  9. Eyewwww.....the boss! Muahahahahaha!

  10. Ahaha...had these yummy fried tidbits in One Utama also.

  11. The food and especially their names are quite attractive. The environment inside the restaurant is also charming. I hope it was a wonderful experience for all of you to be there. Have a great time. Bye.

  12. I try it once at Mid Valley. Like their porridge and yu tiaw.


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