Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lunch Reunion in Public

Yesterday we had a reunion lunch with one of our "old" buddies, May in Public Restaurant...It has been several months since we last saw her... (have to book her in advance several days ahead) see how busy one is even after retirement?

I wonder whether I will be as busy or free as a bird. Well, we will see in few years time. Waiting for the day only... maybe I will be crying our heart out when I clock out for the last time.. hahhaaa....

The Mun Chong (Public Restaurant)

Elin is missing in this usual, she is "shy"
and Lynn is also somewhere else... sigh...


  1. Mun Chong is my favourite restaurant because it serves the best Tai Tao Har in Ipoh. *drooling*

  2. Busy? After retirement? Not me leh...but nobody invites me, so kesian! LOL!!!

  3. mingna: we didnt order that.. yes, the big head prawns are nice esp the Jalan Pasir Puteh branch....

    stp: u come, i take u makan puas puas!!

  4. My hubs LOVES Mun Choong restaurant. The food there is very good but I HATE the waiting time.

  5. kathy..patience patience....

    healthmom: we went at lunch time.. so not many people.. very fast..

  6. What a weird name for a restaurant. :p

  7. So May is the name of the lady who owns this restaraunt, and your friend? It is beautiful!! I love the colors and everything about it, is it very fancy and expensive?


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