Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Funny Dishes

When my sons were back from college, they requested for more home cooked food even though I am not good in cooking. Simple meals no doubt... some might turn up very funny looking like what is displayed...

I know my sons, Aaron will not make any critics, everything to him is okay but Andy is more readily to comment... nice or not nice, he will say something.... "weird, delicious, no taste, not nice.... " he will give me some feedback...

australian cabbage with glassnoodles..
does this dish turn you off?
Andy dare not eat.. lol...

tom yam fish... not so nice too...

steamed minced pork with egg...
over steamed so it is dried.. sigh..


  1. They look yummy to me Claire :) Homecooked food with love....what more can one ask for eh?

  2. Out of practice...or just one of those days. Don't give up!

  3. Well...look at the bright side... you dun burnt your food like me, Claire. LOL.

  4. If I were your guest, I would say... keep the first one for another day please. Haha...

  5. Looks very interesting. I'll bet they were delicious!

  6. barb: u r making me feel good.. hahha...

    stp: lots to learn.. pity my poor kids..they have to survive on these..

    cleff: give me a high 5! hahaha...

    mingna: i rather take u out instead of embarrassed myself with home cooked food.. hahaha...

    kay: thanks for the compliment.. u r joking, right? :p

  7. Claire, I will never laugh at you! You see, my hubby eats whatever his mom cook for him even 'hangus' already also NO complain! Mom's cooking still the best!Hope you're enjoying your evening, dear.
    Cheers, kristy

  8. kristy, yo... so embarrassing la.. hahahaa.... now my kids are still young..when older, they will put them aside..

  9. Hi Reanclaire, re your sons requesting for home cooked meals....whether your cooking is gourmet standard or so so....a mother uses an ingredient no restaurant chef, pasar malam makan stall, or hotel restaurant uses...

    It is called 'LOVE'. Without that 'ingredient' the food is just food.
    And there is nothing more spectacular on this planet than to see a beautiful mother named Reanaclaire in the act of cooking for her loved ones.

    Have a pleasant week and stay beautiful, Lee.

  10. haha, you're too cute!
    special ingredient: love!! nothing can beat those kind of dishes. ;)

  11. i think i would like the australian cabbage with glassnoodles but not the overcooked minced pork

  12. I think you'd better stick to eating out...not everyone is gifted with the same things, and your talents lay elsewhere! This is not a bad thing, though. There are so many more important things than being a good cook.

  13. U.Lee... u always make it sound so beautiful.. hahaha.. thanks!

    tuti: for my kids only.. for guests, that will be 1st and last time they will come.. hahahaa..

    kathy: yeah, now i know why.. every time i cook that, it was overly cooked.. my mum can make it so watery..

    ginny: choice, right? yes, i eat out most of the time.. needs a lot of brushing on my cooking..

  14. Claire... I langsung dono how to steam eggs and minch meat. Give yourself a pat on the back, please. Everytime oso... I ended up making omelette out of them. Easier ma... nonid sked keras and not juicy. *pengsan*

  15. But at least they were still edible right? We must be grateful. :D

  16. cleff: u like fried fried hor.. sometimes learn how to steam.. but dont ask me la.. last person to consult.. hahaha...

    tekkaus: edible but laughable too! :)

  17. Hahha...Claire as Cleff least doesnt get something to be cheered about. Somemore i see all also healthy foods.

  18. sjb: serious? hahaha...

    Mery: healthy but not so tasty lo..

    ling: hahaha.. so nice and sweet comment..

  19. at least i have a little idea on what to cook.. ^_^

  20. any home cooked meal is good but the cabbage, a tad weird tho. I think purple cabbage more suitable for salad. I always stick to white for stir fry.


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