Friday, August 6, 2010

"Touch Me, Please!"

Today is my long lunch hour and it was utilized to the fullest with a happy beam.Girl "ponteng" school today because of an exam paper tomorrow.... so during my lunch hour, mother and daughter bonding was in Secret Recipe. She had her spaghetti with meatballs and the mother ended up eating a slice of pecan butterscotch cake... (din't think of the calories, just wallop it first!)

After our happy meal, I dropped her back home and proceeded to my mama's place for a bonding...hahahaha....No la, actually I had an appointment with a Reflectology man.. he came exactly at 1.30pm and worked on my two legs, arms and shoulders. Elin asked me whether I felt shy or not, being "touched" by a fifty something man... I told her this cheekily..""Come on..give me a break... let me be Touched!" LOL..


  1. wakakakaka..u perut pecah liao aftr reading your last sentence

  2. Come, come.. Let me give you a hug.. :P

  3. kathy: looks like starve maniac!! hahahaa...

    inspiredmum: not same one.. hahahaa...

  4. your lunch only cake? you must be hungry nowwwwwwwww

  5. Cake and massage....what a wonderful life! ;)

  6. rachel: heavy breakfast.. so lunch cannot take much...

    gratitude: bliss! hahaha..

  7. Hi Reana, thats good have the Reflectology.
    As long it doesn't turn into Ninjalogy, ha ha.
    Good of you to be close to your daughter.....and a friend to her.
    Have fun, and keep well.

    By the way, whats wrong your arms and legs? Nothing bad, I hope. Lee.

  8. You're so lucky that you CAN be touched. I have very sensitive touch receptors, always cringe away from a simple touch on the shoulder. Sigh... while people are enjoying the Thai massage in Haadyai, I have to think of other entertainment to keep myself occupied.

  9. Well, do you have to take any clothes off? Is this treatment helping?

  10. asking people to touch you? :p

  11. hahahhahahha..naughty and cheeky Claire! I mean your last sentence.


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