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Badminton Finals Japan Super Series 2010 Pictures!

The Victory and The Defeat!!

What an afternoon in Japan! Most Malaysians if they were watching the finals today would have predicted that our players would be swept right out by China players. That included me as well, Lin Dan versus Lee Chong Wei... the chances of LCW winning is practically 30/70... (ain't i pessimistic?) I thought Lee Chong Wei would be the underdog as usual.. WAS I WRONG!

Gosh... LCW played such a spectacular game today... like never say DIE.... or did Lin Dan made a lot of mistakes? First set LCW won by a close margin 22-20.... 2nd set, he lost 16-21 and during the 3rd set, it was a "finger biting" excitement.. almost point to point win until the last 4 points.. LEE CHONG WEI won 21-17..... waaahhhh... i clapped like mad in the room, silly me!!!

In the midst of the prize giving, I took some pictures of them... hehehee....

Lin Dan... charming man!

Congratulations to Lee Chong Wei...

hahaha..he looked cute here..
just look at his muscles.. gosh!!

admiring his Golden Plaque

waving to his fans....

who is more handsome? hehehe...

the World Champions in Badminton...

they won the first game... I thought eh... maybe they could be champions too.. but during 2nd and 3rd game, they were headed down drastically by the China players... either they have no more strategies or their opposing players had Plan B, C or D...

they were doing so good during the 1st game..

the forlorn looks of Tan Boon Heong

Koo Kien Keat...what went wrong with his strokes?

never mind la.. 2nd place also got prize money!

Till we meet again... congratulations to
China and Malaysia!!


  1. Again thx for this update- LCW won again & Nicole capturing 5th world title squash & yes consolation in 2nd place for the doubles (again)

  2. These are great T.V. shots! I love badminton, and we have a little plastic set to play with the girls. You really captured the poor forlorn look of the loser!

  3. Lin Dan is like a movie star, so leng jai!

  4. MBC: yeah..surprisingly LCW won!! didnt expect that....

    ginny: yes, my favorite game is badminton.. love it!

    shireen: yes lo.. so leng jai hor.. got personality..

  5. I used to like watching badmintan games when I was young,but now I just don't have the free time to sit down and relax watching the games with my son around.

  6. Yes, LCW wong the game! U also a badminton fans ya?

  7. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Sorry, Claire. But that's exactly how I feel.

  8. Lin Dan and LCW feud has been going on for so long that at a point of most time I trust Lin Dan will always effortlessly defeat LCW in every MAJOR event. Statistically, Lin Dan is still way ahead of LCW. Like it or not, I do think badminton is like a show biz, you need to keep something entertaining going on or else people wont watch your show anymore. haha

  9. I always feel these competitions are rigged - one time, can play so terribly...and next time, can win! Must be those bookies at work...and the victims - all the unsuspecting punters. Like in the World Cup football.

  10. Too bad I missed the game. Sound so nail biting. Good for LCW to win Lin Dan who seemed a class above him.

  11. mery: another few years, u will be more free then! :)

    tekkaus: yes..not easy to beat Lin Dan!!

    angeline: u too?? me yes!!

    mingna: u also badminton fan-see ah? hahaha...

    daniel: if all china players, then no fun watching... now only malaysians can compete with them!

    stp: no la.. hard to fix on badminton.. unless own opponent is also same country.. but then i think individually, they want to win cos got prize money.. people wont bet on badminton so much as in football.. hahaha..

    momsgather: that was what i thought too.. Lin Dan sure win one.. but was surprised that Lee this time got the strategy.. not nervous at all.. hahaha...

  12. Woohoo! Hope Datuk LCW maintains this kinda spirit whenever he's in the match la! ;)

  13. I prefer Lin Dan to LCW, and sure a no no for me as far as KKK and TBH is concerned,,

    i prefer Rafael Nadal lah,,,

  14. hayley: yes, i thought he was going to lose during 3rd set..

    angeline: as for me, when malaysians are playing, i will watch with craze..

    eugene: me still go for malaysia!

  15. i think politics is involved... the player win this time, next round he loses and the next, he wins again... macam can predict wor.

  16. rachel: hahaha.. like that also can?

    medie: yeah.. i thought sure gone for good! my specs fell..

  17. Finally LCW managed to beat Lin Dan after such a long streak of losing! But, he can't beat Lin Dan in terms of looks lar.. hahaha

  18. They are my superstar..leng jai mah hehehhe..

  19. sweetwitch: that..i cannot deny.. lol...

    alv: who who..both ah? :)

    elin: cham for lcw.. why no one says he is lengjai..

  20. I heard about LCW's victory from the radio this morning.

    Lin dan very handsome....haha....

  21. Thanks for those lovely photographs. It is wonderful to see those cheerful moments and wish them a very best of luck for their coming time. Bye.

  22. mnhl: yeah winning over Lin Dan is a huge affair.. haaha...

    vernon: thanks! hope they can do well in the commonwealth games next week..

  23. Hmm.who leng chai? i will choose Lin Dan..hahahha

  24. yay! i didnt watch it but get to know update from twitter! hahha. if LCW 's face chubby a bit, maybe will be leng chai a bit. LMAO!!

  25. ling: lee chong wei also leng ma...

    caroline: not bad la.. both also looks good.. hahaha...

  26. This was the ONLY time that I wish I hadn't cancelled my Astro subscription!! Oh to have seen Lin Dan's face after losing!!

  27. minchow, i thought of canceling too.. once a month watch this badminton open.. pretty expensive.

  28. Btw Lin dan definitely more handsome & macho (guy's perspective) but LCW not bad either - He can always turn the tide on Lin dan provided he dont have that mentality that he's inferior to Lin dan (pyshcology aspect) :-D me think

  29. mrc, wonder whether lcw can keep it up consistently.. lets see the commonwealth games next week..

  30. happy to see LCW won! who ask Li dan so ego last time (Piala Thomas in malaysia)

  31. irene: i agree with u la!

    voon: purposely showed to malaysians only.. hahaha..


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