Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Car Suspect

I finally found these photos in my son's desktop...........

Remember my post about my car being "banged" while parked in my office garage? The very next day I did some "investigation"... I suspected it was my office car who was the culprit because I remember parking next to it the day my car got "deeply scratched."

Another reason why I suspect it was the office car because the way my car got scratched, it must be a bigger vehicle like this 4-wheel MPV Rover... It cannot be an ordinary car because of the deep wound it did to my car.

The very next day I checked the big vehicles which parked next to mine and true enough, this MPV Big Vehicle had a big "MARK" on its front too.... I quickly took out my handphone and snapped the "evidence" and after that, I enquired around who the driver was. Now I know... but I didn't confront him as yet... Know why??? I heard that he is "untouchable"... someone I should not mess with..... so until today I keep quiet...

All I can do is to rant it out here!! huhuhuhuuuuuuu....
the "evidence"
but not proven as yet...
my "poor babe" ...


  1. Yeah, forget it la. He could be the biggest suspect but still no prove that he's the culprit judging from his stratched. Maybe u can be sarcastic, park near him always.

  2. Even if you confront him, he will not ying and ask you for the proof instead lor... Karma!! *ohmmmm*

  3. A college boy rammed into my car beginning of this year and my front spoiler was completely damaged. I had to fork out RM660 to pay for a brand new but not genuine spare part. I forced him to pay RM200 first and made him promise to settle the remaining after he receives his PTPTN loan. Until now, I didn't hear from him again and not any single cent is banked into my account.

  4. seems like his car suffered more damage than urs...

  5. Poor car....i think it is better just let it goes and don't confront that person since he is UNTOUCHABLE.

  6. That's why. Take bus easy. :D And your heart won't ache.

  7. things happen but there's no witness, we can only suspect.

  8. Oh that sucks, I would ask him anyway, there's no such thing as untouchable Claire.

  9. It looks like you've already got enough proof to me!! Why is he untouchable, could he get you fired? Not fair!! Maybe you could go to him privatly and be real nice about it?

  10. chris: i started at him only.. beh beh eyes..

    agnes: yes, no use one..i can only beh at him...

    mery: yes, no concrete proof..

    mingna: this is where integrity comes in.. or maybe he is short of cash since he is in college?

    medie: hahahaa..

    mery: yes, after all, he can always deny..

    tekkaus: take bus and land in more trouble nanti!!

    caroline: cannot do anything.. sigh..

    wenn: yeah, for own heart's satisfaction only..

    chubs: no proof.. he can always say he got it somewhere else..

    ginny: he is the rough type.. if he is nice, he would have approached me instead..

  11. God is all seeing, all knowing...and what goes around, comes around. Whatever bad things people do, they'll get it back one day...

  12. When it is not caught red-handed, it is harder to make the person admit it is is fault.

    Just forget it... no choice leh :(. He will get what he did unto to others next time.

  13. Poor thing.. only can rant here but can do any thing with the 'untouchable' person... how not fare ohhh... -_-


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