Thursday, September 9, 2010

Corn Jelly Mooncake

It is a hot day... straight after work, I went home and "ransacked" my fridge.... wanted to look for something cooling... wish I had some more C2 drinks, they are really quenching... *hint hint* to someone... :)

Then I noticed that I have 2 more jelly mooncakes.. quickly I cut this up, never knowing what the filling was... to my amazement, another beautiful jelly mooncake filled with "embedded corns" .... take a look!!


after.... see the beautiful corns..
hmmm... now all inside my stomach liow... lol...


  1. I LOVE jelly, you're making this pregnant woman crave it now :p

  2. Mana mo dapat ni?! lawa ni... mesti sedap ni kan!!!! reply reply

  3. Your fridge always got good food one. So jealous.

  4. jelly mooncake yummy!! heee aiya! y dnt share with us?

  5. cas: sorry about that.. if u were here, i would surely give you one.. :)

    annie: yes..

    dan: yes.. sedap..

    cath: yes, they r delicious...

    sheohyan: no la... once awhile...

    carol: come come..i share with u,,,

  6. sobs...long time never eat jelly mooncakes jor. Nobody gave me geh

  7. Yeerr....corn inside of mooncake? Hmm....not my kind of mooncake. :p

  8. kathy: hey..what happened to the mooncake mummy? :)

    tekkaus: hahaha.. try something new ..

  9. I love jelly mooncake, but i would prefer it plain instead of having corn in it.


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