Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Down South

I took a day off again, this time to Kuala Lumpur....

At 5am, Aaron woke up sharp and started to "make-up" "touch-up" and prepared himself wearing smart with long sleeved shirt and black slacks... and a necktie kept in his bag. I woke up at 5.45am and wore a pair of jeans and tshirt and off we started our journey down south.

I was driving initially.. still feeling quite sleepy actually

even "Patrick" was cocky-eyed in the morning...

Sky was bright when we reached Sg Buluh

Then we adjourned to The Strand for Aaron's first job interview!! Yes, he went for an interview and was quite excited about it... Not exactly going to start work yet, still a few more months to go but since he was called for one in KL, his mummy took an opportunity to travel down with him...
I am not going to talk about the interview.. not relevant here..but the food is definitely!

Pan Heong Restaurant in Batu Caves
We went there after the interview around 2pm...

this is really... attractive!
koay teow in egg gravy with lots of ingredients...

crispy fried bean curd with fish

clay pot fish with century egg
very big portion but Aaron walloped up all...
and guess what this is???
Yes, my favourite.... so sweet, so smooth flesh.....
oh btw, this meal only cost RM48 plus drinks!!

for once I remember to take the card....hahaha..
Address: Pan Heong Restaurant no. 2, Jalan Medan Batu Caves 2 Medan Batu Caves, 68100 Bt. Caves Selangor. tel: 03-61877430


  1. Hey, the scrumptious food looks very attractive.Any food cooked in egg gravy is surely my favourite. But those unique food is not available in Ipoh leh...

  2. My girls love the kway toew in sauce. It's hor fun right? That bowl of porridge looks very gooey...not really my type. I love those where the rice is not totally broken down. But wonderful food that you had. Hope he interview went well. Just lovely to go with your son for his interview.

  3. The porridge looks delicious and with the 'yau chau kwai', i'm sure it looks good. Btw, Aunt Claire, i'm in KL too till Monday.

  4. Froggie porridge??? Yummy!

    You made me guess so long which company he went for interview! I have ronda that area before. Good luck to mummy's boy.

  5. Hope Aaron gets the job:) And ...I like that kuay teow best:)

  6. Wei.... go Pan Heong also never call me ah ? not too far from my home ler.. hehehehe .. joking only
    I sincerely hope Aaron gets the job and we'll see more of you @ KL.

  7. mingna: so far, none i can find.. maybe bercham that taste not same?

    mary: my son loves the porridge very much... he ate almost the whole bowl..

    chris: aiyah..should have called u out to belanja ....

    twilight: yes..froggie steamed.. hahaha...

    denesa: thanks!! yes, the koay teow looks good..

    elaine: aiyah..missed that chance to see u.. hahhaa...

  8. Who is "Patrick"? : D

    Wow! You drove all the way to Strand then to Batu Caves?

    I've never been to Pan Heong - the food looks delicious! But I am not a fan of porridge! Only eat porridge when I am sick! LOL!

  9. i am back...thanks for ur wishes on Dylan...he is recovering.

    sorry for my dissapearance from ur site...

    my fav too...FROGs!

  10. wow...all looks yummy and when I am reading your post, I started to feel hungry too.

  11. those dishes look great and delicious.

  12. That first food picture looks like there is the ear of some creature in it!! I hope the interview went well.

  13. owh...the patrick still wearing that donut! haha....

  14. *SULK* I live nearby Batu Cave... sobsob...*SULK* shud have called me, and I would have gone out to makan wif u! LOL!

  15. Good luck to Aaron! Hope he is successful in getting the job - and next time I go KL, he can belanja uncle makan... Ooo...would love that porridge! Looks so smooth and nice! Yum!

  16. Claire i kow what is this: "Tin Kai"

  17. I like tin kai also, best is with kong pou style..
    Looks like a good food trip ya! Take care!

  18. foong: yes, a lot of us eat porridge when sick.. this one is so need to bite.. hahaha.

    via: glad to hear Dylan is well now..

    mery: so did u eat? :)

    wenn: next time we go if got chance? :)

    ginny :that one is "octopus" i guess..

    gab: sure la so cute.. cannot take it away...hahaha..

    cleff: i reached there around 2pm.. just nice hor? :)

    stp: sure sure.. if he doesnt belanja, i belanja.. hahaha...

    angeline: yes!!

    hayley: steamed is nice too..

  19. So did Aaron get the job? If yes, congrats :D Err...the last one must be frog's meat...eeeewwwwww

  20. LOL ... claire...ya lor...should call cleff so that she can look for Indian DIL. Around Batu Caves a lot of Indian. All very pretty girls punya :P

  21. was a short trip. If ur son working at Strand, there are lot of foodies to be catch up.

  22. Yeah went there once but not our lucky day it was closed haha. Who is this fatso 'Patrick' wearing a mexican hat or a dougnut? haha. All the best to Aaron.

  23. Hi Reana, you sure know your food, ha ha. Love those dishes, and that kueh teow looks sinfully delicious!
    Have fun and keep well, Lee.

  24. Yummy yummy, but i dont eat frog! lol!

  25. barb: not sure yet.. :)

    kathy: haiyah.. better not take her there.. she might get herself attracted to one .. hahaha..

    ling: i was there for my breakfast.. lots to eat.yeah..

    juann: yes..not too..

    U.Lee: yes, i like the koay teow...

    cindy: very nice la.. try.. hahaha

  26. RM48 plus drinks considered cheap ar? :p

  27. Good Luck to Aaron, hope he get the job!

    Pan Heong, you have blog this place before right? The food look good, if i'm aroud that area, should go and try.


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