Monday, September 6, 2010

Ipoh Is Green Too!

For two days during the past week I went to Polo Ground... no, not alone, of course. I went there after receiving a phone call from a friend. She told me that she wanted to exercise more frequently from now on because of her cholesterol level being on the high side. Instead of consuming pills to lower her cholesterol, exercising is a better option, right?

That evening I was early and while waiting for her, I took out my handphone and took some pictures here and there... I simply love looking the greens these days...

this spot was where I started my walk..

catching up with these ladies soon...

this space for kids... rap dancing etc etc...

another part of kids' playground...

last time when my kids were young,
this place was not built yet...

maybe next time take my grandkids here! :)

I remember after taking this pic,
I saw my friend waving at me...


  1. I need more exercise too... Went to the gym room this morning for a total body workout. After spending quality time running on the treadmill, only managed to get rid of 350 kcal. *Sigh* That's equivalent to only 2 pieces of egg tarts. Eating calories is much easier than removing it from my body.

  2. I love this lovely place!! Get ready for the grandchildren, ha!! The playground is too cool, I love the pretty giant flowers. Does it make you want to be a child again? This looks like a wonderful place to walk.

  3. Another beautiful place. If only the weather is more suitable like in the temperate countries. Here, it's always too hot or it is reaining...but count our blessings, never complain. We certainly are much better off than many countries in the world... Look at Christchurch, thank God it wasn't Wellington!

  4. Good aunt Claire ! You ate so much good stuffs, must exercise your flab away hehehe

  5. Very nice and big playground. My girls sure will scream when seeing this picture.

  6. How come no horses there galloping away one? i thought that was a polo ground....

    You know in Penang there is a Polo Ground too, really just a vast land of field, back then that used to be a place for lovers to do some funny things there one, cos it was always pitch dark,, during my secondary school, a few of my school mates, we used to cheekily ride our motorbikes through the field playing some "Peeping toms" stunts,, naughty naughty,, there were the days my friend, i wish they never end,hahahahahah.

    take care now ya

  7. mingna: oooh.. i dare not see how much calories gained or lost.. i think gaining is more than losing! lol

    ginny: yes, during my childhood, we do not have such beautiful playground but then i grew up happily too! hahaha..

    arlini: to be healthy, yeah!!!

    chris: only u understand me very well! same goes to u huh..

    sheohyan: "i wanna go ipoh!!" come, take them to polo ground..

  8. eugene: i thought u were one of them in the fields and getting peeped at??? hahahahhaaa...

  9. Exercise good for good for eyes..look so calm and friendly to me

  10. nice place to spend with family and kids. fresh air with nature. its good for relaxing and escape from city pressures. hehehe

  11. But I am sure Taiping is way greener. :D

  12. looks green... but looks like the padang at my dad's old school. lol

  13. Hi Reana, wow! Your h/phone took these shots? If you had told me taken by a Nikon D300 I would have believed it. Very good clarity, and colours too. Love the background of the hills.

    I guess when my time in Ipoh back in early '70s, no such place.....only that park, Tun Sambatan or something....with a lake I used to poach for fish at nights with SYT beside me.

    Yes, nothing like walking or jogging keep whatever away.
    Have fun, Reana, Lee.

  14. Exercise is definitely good for our body..
    Nice place..

  15. I haven't exercised for a long time! But my hubby is forcing me to play badminton once a week.. i guess that's better than nothing? LOL! Faster get grandchildren so you can bring them to this playground! :)

  16. its good to exercise...furthermore no need to pay gym any fees. continue to do this often

  17. Claire, i salute you! Exercise also you being along the camera..hahhaha..Me lazy...even i know is just a small gadget

  18. If J sees the Playground sure cham....have to chase anak lembu

  19. Beautiful scenery and a good place for exercise. I'm glad that your friend goes f0r exercise. Hope she will take good care of her self to tackle that cholesterol. Food and exercise are very important. Drugs only suppress and don't cure. Please take care. Hope you have a lovely day.

  20. This place looks like a very lovely place for a casual stroll ;)

  21. mery: yes, it is nice...

    alv: yes, soothing to our eyes when we exercise in the greenery..

    icegurl: agree with u!

    medie: how about your school?

    U.Lee, i am sure u know this.. it is near tiger lane.. famous for its romantic spot. the one u mentioned is D.R.Park,.. that is very secluded now..

    sweetwitch: aiyoh..i miss badminton la.. grandkids? i cannot quicken myself, nothing to do with me lar.. hahaha..

    rachel: yes, hope to go today...

    ling: my handphone la.. not the real camera ..

    kathy: yes, next time if u stay overnight in ipoh, i take him there..

    marymoh: yes, our health depends on our exercises and daily food intake..

    acura: casual or brisk walk, it is very nice..

    wenn: so when r u going again.. ?

    jen: for strolls, yes, very nice..

  22. Ipoh is really a green place as I have been there but a long time back. Then it was one of the greenest place that I have ever seen. So thanks for helping me recapitulating my memory. Bye.


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