Tuesday, September 14, 2010

John King And The Crocs

While in Penang, we went to Queensbay mall and Gurney Plaza. I passed by CROCS, hoping for some offer but too bad.. no more sale liow.. I remember seeing a BIG sale in KL through somebody's blog not too long ago but all I saw in Penang were some giant CROCS on display instead....

the giant CROCS

see how big they were....

then I looked down at my own sandals..
ooops...no, actually my mum's sandals..
we exchanged our sandals because
she told me that they were "biting" into her feet...lol..

Bought back some John King's tarts..
Saw them in this blog.... Tarts and Pies...

a variety to choose from....

see my girl???
she went and tried a bit of each...
guess who ate the rest of the remainder???


  1. Haha! Claire, you have finally found the shop - John King! Although there are lots of varieties, I still prefer Kg. Simee Choy Kee's egg tarts. What about you?
    P.S. Did you try their durian egg tart? One of their specialities...

    Thanks for promoting my blog!

  2. Any good...those tarts? Don't look very alluring though...but looks not important, the taste is what matters.

  3. Definitely not ME :P I did not get to try a wee bit of it at all.. :D

  4. I almost forgot about Crocs because I never see them anymore. The tarts sure look good. :)

  5. sure this blog owner eat the rest...hehehehhehe...

  6. Must be your girl finished everything hahahaha

  7. cannot imagine walking in that giant crocs... surely will walk like a croc :D

  8. rachel: tasty ok lar, not bad.. something different.. nothing much to shout about but cannot get them in Ipoh so just wanna try.... :)

    mingna: i still cannot find the shop lar..must read again where to find.. my girl still prefer choy kee, yeah.. the pastry between both of them are different.. this pg one.. baked by a Myanmar/Vietnamese..not too sure but i asked him.. hahaha... durian one, yes, i picked that too..

    barb: tried little bit here and there..the rest eaten by son.. hahaha..

    stp: something different la.. not the flakes type but the crusty type.. not bad la. but expensive la..

    merryn: u no like? quite nice.. actually but pricey..

    james: real crocs or what?

    cath: wah.. u really think i m big eater? hahaha...

  9. kathy: no la..she is so scared of putting on weight la..

    ben: hahaa..wonder it is for sale or not..

  10. Clair: Cool shots of the sandals and the tarts. Did you finish them? What a good mom.

  11. They have one in One Utama, I think!
    My son loves the original flavor. He loves tarts very very much :) I can see your daughter enjoyed it too..

  12. tom: yes, they were all finished..

    iriene: my girl simply loves tarts except the coffee.. hahaha...

  13. Aunt Claire - never tried the tarts before le... cannot get in JB or Spore. Btw, be careful of Croc shoes. In Spore, many kids lost their toes when the slippers stuck in the escalator.

  14. I LIVE in Crocs, even to church!! I have a bunch of different colors. I love the big one!! Crocs are losing their popularity here, and their stock went way down, such a shame!

  15. I love Crocs! My daughter even has a pair to wear while working as a CNA. I wear them all the time and buy mine from Crocs.com. Lots of sales there...as for the tarts...oh my goodness...I would love to have one right now!

  16. Wow, that is one big giant rubber slipper

  17. chris: that issue..the original crocs or imitation one? as for the tarts, next time go KL or Pg.. ipoh sure none one..

    ginny: i dont have a pair yet.. havent even tried before..

    cheryl: must be very comfortable.. since so many wearing them..

    virtualust: hahaha..i also laughed at that..

    toothfairy: thanks..will do..

    patty: they were... hahaha..

  18. ummm, i don't like crocs at all.. hehe, the remaining tarts?? normally mothers will sapu all the remaining food lor~~ haha!! :D

  19. angeline: ipoh one choice..egg tarts..

    sk: no no..not this mum... my son walloped them all actually.. hehe..

  20. I love tart! Especially the blueberry tart...nyum nyum

  21. I have came across this John King before but never buy the tarts. Unsure it is nice or not. Sure is it good?

  22. I tried those tarts before.. not that fantastic hor? I prefer the egg tarts crust to be flaky and light. I found John King's type to be pretty normal...

  23. sumadak: not bad.. i like the crusty pastry..

    ling: it depends on individual.. for me, can la. but a bit pricey.. 11.30 for 6... expensive, right? the pastry is the crispy crust.. some like flaky ones.. but buy to try once, ok lar..

    sweetwitch: yeah.. if never try, buy and try .. after that, try others .. nothing really out of the world.. :)

  24. the crocs pretty famous now eh?? I heard its very comfortable lah. I don't own one because I dont really like the style of it much. :)

    have a lovely day
    jen @ www.charmoflife.ca

  25. haha, good kor kor ate everything after your gal! she is very loved by her brother too! lucky gal.

  26. John King.. I think they've one at Mutiara Damansara. Tried that before.. pricey and nothing to shout about.. still prefer Tong Kee Egg Tarts.. Hahaha...

  27. jen: me either.. dont like it covering my toes.. cannot breathe..haha..

    tuti: she is weight conscious.. this girl..

    inspiredmum: expensive yes.. but if never try before, can buy and eat.. :)

  28. Looks very nice... the tarts...
    I miss Penang, wonder when can go again for holiday =)

    Hope u ate ur heart out while u were/are there, lol XD

    oh ya, the Botanical Garden is worth visiting too

  29. not into tart, but i like portugese tart. hahahahhaha

    Wow..your sexy toes in pink!

  30. yanz: Botanical.. never changes.. it is still the same.. past and present.. :)

    annie: oh..the other way round.. i prefer the normal ones..

  31. I would have done the same thing as your girl too haha... sampling a bit each of the tarts without feeling guilty of eating too much :p Wise girl!

  32. The tart look yummy. Walk pass few times the store but never get in and grab 1.

  33. ooo la la...lovely egg tarts ... i like crocs sandals...thou exp...but is nice and light to wear it

  34. chloe: me too.. cos dont want to put on weight..so sample here and there.. very bad habit hor.. :)

    vicky: expensive actually..just wanna try only...

    via: are they nice to wear? i dont like the front..covered everything..

  35. Looks like a lot of new cute stuff and new food back home. Those tarts look delicious. I would be like your girl....try every one of them. bet you finish the rest...haha

  36. mary: i did try but i couldnt finish though i would love to.. hahha...

  37. hehehe... my blog my blog! :P

    my friend said there's rumors crocs going kaput, that's why there were sales and all. but fret not, she said, cuz in the mines always got sales wor... i dunno abt the mines, but if there is gonna be one soon, i'm soooooo gonna grab more... need to save my feet... many more years to come of standing and walking! T.T


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