Sunday, September 5, 2010

Marshmellow Strawberry Cheese Cake

My kids followed my genes... all of us have sweet tooth... we simply love desserts... got to be careful, my parents are diabetics and I got to be cautious now about consuming too much sweeties. Cutting down on my sugared drinks now, if possible, I often order plain water instead of sweet drinks.
As for my kids, they are also cutting down on sweet drinks but when it comes to dessert, nothing doing.... especially secret recipe cakes such as this marshmallow cheese cake... Fernie's favourite..

marshmallow strawberry cheese cake
wonder Elin knows how to do this.. :)


  1. Oh... no... cheesecake... I like cheesecake... *dies* this one looks so yummy!

  2. wa hinting to Elin ah. Like that i also wanna hint to Cyn la LOL

  3. @Kat... come... sama same bodek! The more the merrier! LOL.

  4. cleff and kath: we 3 are like... gluttons! hahaha...

  5. Greatings, - da mejor. Guardar va!



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