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My Gifts From Over The Sea

Gifts of the day... blessed is the one who gives and receives....

Many thanks to my two friends who went overseas and came back with lovely gifts for ME! lol.

Chris went to London and bought this cute bag ..

and to make me rounder, a packet of chocs too!
I think they are chocs.. not opened yet...
wait for Andy to do so.. hahahhaa...
Thank you, Chris...

And this gift is also very special...
All the way from Perth....
A lovely rose and a creamy face wash
for my withered faded skin..
Give me few months ya.. maybe a different Claire... hahhaaa..

Many thanks to this Lovely Mama for thinking of me...
Can't wait for my skin to be as youthful as yours!!


  1. Eh, soon we write to Nivea to give us sponsored post, OK?

  2. that is a good idea, mamaP.. never thought of that!

  3. Wah gifts from special man. Very soon will see cover girl.....Claire!

  4. hehe.. sponsored post from Nivea.. haha.. dun forget me :P

  5. pete: wahh.. u think so highly of me ah.. mana ada man!

    merryn: haahaa... nivea nivea.. where are u?

  6. Like the handbag. Bringing back lots of memories on watching live telecast at Trafalgar Square. The red strap is a bit too striking. Would prefer something lighter.

  7. The bag is really cute and nice! I want! I want!

  8. are so lucky huh! :D Why nobody gives me any? :p

  9. wow.... so many people pamper u!

  10. mingna: that bag is very small one,for my girl ok lar..

    willie: yeah...from frens!

    twilight: serious?

    tekkaus: hey, i read your posts about receiving gifts too!

    chris: not pamper... they yau sum ..

  11. Nice of your friends. Kinder Bueno? My favourite snacks at night. No wonder I have grown fatter!

  12. Thanks for the visit claire...

  13. denesa: thanks for the tip.. so i shouldnt eat at night? hahahaa...

    kathy: vice versa...

    wenn: yes..small pouch..just nice for my girl..

  14. You are blessed to have so many friends who love you! You must be a very special person, I visualize you as friendly and bubbly, wish we could meet sonetime!

  15. What nice gifts for you! How nice to receive such lovely surprises. I have been under the weather for a bit so have been slowly catching up on blogs. P.S. I would be interested in knowing how the chocolate was :)

  16. Aha!!! Lucky you too...getting gifts all the time! wanna carry that bag kah? Looks....very trendy! LOL!!!

  17. ginny: yes.. wish we could meet some time.. :)

    cheryl: yes..indeed blessed.. to be in the blogging world, we come to know a lot of frens..

    stp: hey, dont talk about me..lets start with u.. hahahaa... yeah, too trendy for me lar.. more for my girl la.. hahaha..

  18. You must be one of the most loved bloggers friend here in the cyber space, the gesture of your friends prove that right..

    you know it is nice to have such suprises once in awhile.

    i like the bag,it looks so cool and out of the norm,if you wear it with tight jeans and a nice top, a killer for sure,,hahahahah.

    take care now,,

  19. Out of so many gifts, I like the first bag the most.

  20. Oh you're so lucky! The gifts are awesome.. especially the Kinder Bueno chocolate! Yum!

  21. So nice of your friends.. I'm more interested in the Kinder chocolates la~

  22. Wahhhhh.... pretty bag.. very Brit! :D I like, trendy, trendy... ur gonna use it urself ah, Claire? Or you're giving my mei mei? :D

  23. I loved the bad. You can tell yr freinds that you bought it London, he, he.

  24. Kinder is very nice! You are so lucky and blessed.

  25. eugene: not for me lar.. for my girl.. if i take, people said HUH, serious or not..

    sheohyan: i like all!! hahaha..

    sweetwitch: i know, food!! like me..

    hayley: u r also on food more! hahaha.. why do we like to eat so much?

    cleff: your mei mei is who leh? now i m cracking hard what to give back! hahaha..

    jessie: bad or bag? hahaha...

    william: Thank You, God..

  26. Such lovely surprises, so nice of your friends infact you are very lucky...

  27. How thoughtful :) and yes that is choclate... sorta.

  28. Claire, when u r carrying the bag, it definetely makes you look like hot lady jor..very nice bag.

  29. My Mei Mei is fernie lorr... who else? LOLOL! I was wondering if you're gonna use it urself, or kasi Fernie...

    Hahahaha... crack... jangan tak crack... mebbe can sumbat roast duck or sth in return? LMAO.

  30. suzanne: yes, i m blessed..

    ling: definitely for my girl .. haha...

    cleff: any more suggestions?

  31. Kinder is my friend too! lolz YUMZ

  32. That bag is seriously fun! And all the way from London too.. Enjoy!

  33. gratitude: i guess many of u tasted this before.. me not yet..

    happysurfer: hahaha.. fun bag is more for my girl..

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