Sunday, October 24, 2010

All The Best To You!

Flowers again!! Yeah, my posts on the flowers never seem to end, right? Well, they are simply irresistible so I just got to post them up and not only that, I want to Congratulate this handsome guy whom I treat like my own son.... kai chai.... hahahahaha...

this handsome fella is Gabriel
Congratulations on his Graduation..
And now he joins the line up
of one of the most eligible guys in the market!

Here are some of the flowers he received on his B-day!
So Gabriel.. wishing you smooth paths in your career
and may God continue to guide you always!


  1. Congartulations, Gab. All the best to you in your future undertakings. Going home to Miri? Drop by Sibu when free...;we'll go mam-mam! LOL!!!

  2. Wah, got kai chai, good big already!

  3. hahha...thank you kai ma! hehe...

    STP:thank you thank you! hopefully can go back in the near future. will find you then. hehe...

  4. Ohhh... so Gabriel is your Godson. I tot he was ur nephew.

  5. banyaknyer bunga dia!!!!!!!!!! jeles :D

  6. He must be very well liked to recieve all these flowers! Is he a friend of your sons or daughter?

  7. stp: take me along!!

    gab: welcome.. do go Sibu since got food sponsor there..

    cleff: now u know.. hahaha..

    merryn: next time ethan lagi banyak!!

    ginny: Gab is my son's senior. Good fren.. :)

  8. angeline: he has done well..

    sue: yeah..graduation flowers

  9. Congrats to Gabriel! Nice bouquet of flowers!

  10. Your friend really made very well looking bouquet :D

  11. mery: yeah..nice...

    foong: on behalf, i thank u. haha...

    kathy: u wanna? next time u come to ipoh.. i give u.. haha..

  12. Wow, guys also receive so many flowers!
    COngrats to Gabriel! All the best!

  13. I seriously thought 'kai cai" was chicken boy! rofl
    "Khai chai" Ahhhhhhhhhh

  14. Congrats Gabriel! My junior! Very proud :)

  15. Gabriel , congratulations on your graduation and all the best in your future undertakings :)

  16. cath: he will say thanks!

    hayley: yeah! boys are also so blessed nowadays.. hahaha..

    gratitude: yeah ho.. never tot of that...

    sweetwitch: so when this senior give treat?

    elin: on behalf of kai chai, i thank u.. hahaha..

  17. The flower bouquets are really beautiful. I think you should start a separate blog on flowers only. It would be great. I too love flowers.

  18. wow, lovely flowers for Gabriel!

  19. hehe....thank you! yea, thank God for good kai ma. hehe...


Thank you, readers!

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