Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bathroom Renovation

As mentioned in my previous posts, my renovation on my bathroom is still under consideration. The mirror has broke down few days ago, gosh... why did everything seem to be under "destruction?' Is that a sign that I should go on with the bathroom renovation? I think I better ask for some quotations at this time and by the time it is school holidays, the bathroom will be just in time for renovation. It is more convenient to renovate it then, at least there will be someone in the house when he does that.

Now as I browse through some websites, their designs captivated me. There is a wide selection of bathroom accessories for me to choose from. I love these LED showers that hung down,they are so convenient, they come in round or square shapes and I think the square shaped LED shower suits me fine.

Besides these LED showers, there are many others to choose from, some comes with enclosure and their prices are very reasonable.

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