Sunday, October 17, 2010

Congratutory Flowers

This early early morning I woke up to a hot sunny day.... at around 9am I reached my friend's place to collect the flowers from her.... Together in two cars, we took the 20 bouquets and 2 boxes of single stalk of sunflowers to my son's Uni...

Today is Graduation Day for son's seniors.... A lot of them have booked these beautiful flowers from my friend, Liew, the florist... She didn't sleep well for the past few nights and has shed some kilos... that was good news!! hahaha...

these flowers have been sleeping in air con room for the whole night..

these sunflowers too.. lying in air con room for 2 nights..

my florist friend making the final touch-ups before
we left for the University which was 35km away...

more news later.. good and bad...


  1. kids nowadays have big spending power

  2. How's she charging for the smallest bouquet?

  3. pete: fyi, that is not me.. :)

    gratitude: hey..that is for graduation..

    mingna: smallest is RM8...

  4. sunflower! love it! whoaa ordered a lot aye! :D

  5. stp: wow..u love sunflowers!

    carol: u too! hahaha..

    alice: they were sold at RM8.00

  6. Those flowers look really nice and the decoration done was really outstanding. I must appreciate her effort too. You choose the right person for the right job.

  7. These flowers look really very nice specially the sunflowers. Nice arrangements...


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