Sunday, October 31, 2010

Kuala Lumpur City

For the past few days I was in the centre of Kuala Lumpur city. It has been quite awhile since I last stepped in Pavilion, I think it was exactly one year ago when I sent my son to the airport that I was in KL then. How time flies...

I remember going to Pavilion during that time too, it was almost Deepavali... but this time I didn't experience the earthquake like I did when I stayed in one of the hotels there... lol... This time it was pretty peaceful and my friends and I were taking the public transport instead.

We experienced the monorail, the LRT, the KTM (train) and of course the cabs as well. Oh, I must show our Malaysia new ETS later on in my posts.. the first "bullet"train ever in Malaysia..

For now, here are some pictures of KL malls..

right in the center of the junction..
leading to many mega malls..

random pictures of the green and silver man..

The Pavilion

this is a common picture, right?

the entrance leading to the high end shops..


  1. I always stay around there as well when in KL...but not in the big expensive hotels. Can't afford. So, shopped till you dropped? Ate a lot of nice things? on them, quick!

  2. kl very big. okay.. malaysia very big, lol.
    great space in the shopping centres there.
    compared, it is claustrophobic in singapore.

  3. Till now, how much have you spent in KL altogether?

  4. stp: hahaa.. u got them right.. now i pokai liow..

    tuti: for a short holiday ok.. not for permanent staying..

    chris: what again...

    mingna: i dare not count la.. hahhaa..

  5. You're in town? But didn't call us???

  6. Kuala Lumpur have always been an outstanding city from a long time. It is a popular tourist destination and nowadays more and more films are being shot in and around this beautiful city.

  7. I love KL! And Pavilion is a nice shopping mall. But my favourite mall is still The Gardens although I buy nothing there! Haha!!

  8. annie: a thousand apologies!

    impact: it is very developed..

    foong: oh for the 1st time, i bought jeans!

  9. I love Pavilion that is the place we used to hang with my bf when I was in KL.My bf fave placed is loyat plaza I don't like that place so crowed.

  10. Pavilion is a nice place to hang out, but is expensive with all the high-end shops.


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