Thursday, October 7, 2010

My 48 Million Dream

Talk of the town when this businessman won 48million in Sports Toto. When it was published in the Star recently, I roughly calculated how much the monthly interest is... it came to about RM70K per month and moving further along my brain, I was thinking what to do with that amount of money each month....

What would you do IF you won 48 million??

Elin and I shared this topic during our lunch time today. Let's say I were the one who won.. OK.. out of 48million RM, I would give 1 Million to Elin... but being so gentle humble Elin, she told me to give her RM100,000 is more than enough... cukup! She is already happy with that amount.. So un-greedy and contented, this Elin....

But I told her I would never finish the 48 million in this life... OK... what shall I do with 48M...

I will give my kids, 10 Million each, so that will come to 30M....
I will give 4.8 Million to the church as 10% as tithe... (will my pastor accept this amount?)
I will give my siblings 1 M each.... so there goes 5M
Elin, 1 Million is yours.... so that leaves me how much left?
So that leaves me 7Million .... and what shall I do with 7Milllion????
Lastly and not least, Bloggers, we will have a big gathering.... all on me.. eat all you like... and goodness knows what else... what Say You?

What would you do if you win 48Million??? Anyone want to be as "moe liew" as me to fantasize about this??? hahhahaaa......



  1. i first to comment so i get.. $100? can can? boleh lahhhh haha.
    good luck anyway!

  2. 48 million? I guess I would have gone nuts or died of sudden cardiac arrest before I could figure out how to use those money.

  3. Couldn't help laughing at Tarts and Pies' comment. I will go around the world with my family. Then, I will hold a party in my newly built castle, invite Mr and Mrs. Beckham, Mr. and Mrs. Cruise, Brangelina, Donnie Yen, Leon Lai, Maggie Cheung, Carina Lau, Tony Leong, and every one who know and doesn't know me to come. Cool right? I am more mo lieu than you now.

  4. Wahh 48 million! If you win, I'll be your best friend, or maybe your sister angkat.. will you give me 1M? LOL! OK, 0.5M will do too!

  5. wah...auntie Claire today dreaming leh... hehehehe...

  6. ayoooo Claire.. to be honest.. I am so lazy to dream and write what I am going to do... coz I don't even have a luck to win a lucky draw ... any luck draw.. in previous office or in life.. hahahhahaha... poor me...

    but recently.. 'luck'<< wah.. seems to be better.. but never win numbers la.. hahahhaha...

    but I did make peoples happy for winning my newly bought car plat numbers long time ago.. the whole office bought the number accept me (I don't play numbers.. ;-p) and strike 2nd place.. hahahhaha... lucky them..

  7. Ok This Saturday buy Toto Jackpot 3,5, 15, 18, 30, 38

    Got from Bomoh just now!

    "Ask and you shall receive" he he he!

  8. tuti: u r even un-greedier than Elin.. 100$ or $100K? hahhaa...

    mingna: what u said is reality!! actually i told my friend that too.. before we can spend the money, maybe no life liow.. hahahhaa...

    sheohyan: great fantasy! how come i didnt think of them? I want Raymund Lam to dine with me!! hahaha...

    sweetwitch: I can consider.. yes, yes.. then u can take me go to all the fine dining places!

    chris: give me a break, man.. seriously how the fella divide his 48M now i wonder..

    cath: i sama with u la.. never buy number so how to kena!! we must be contented with what we have now..hahaha... truly it is a blessing for what we have now.. :)

  9. pete: now u announce it here.. the winnings will be very divided liow.. u should sms me ma.. .hahahhaaa...
    just kidding!

  10. As for me... 90% will go to charity, 5% for my beloved mommy and the balance for business venture, was thinking of operating a kindie.:)

    Have a joyful weekend!

  11. Oh I cried when someone won it. I had nightmare in my sleep that night!

  12. no more 48million... oledi won by people stay in KL.

    no more dream

  13. wow, I would buy that RM888k bungalow house which I like, get myself the Camry n go for Europe tour.

  14. I would give a bunch to my kids, and to the church. Pave our gravel driveway and put a roof over it...I'm sure I could probably spend as much as I get (well, maybe not!)

  15. I'll reinvest it and spread it constinuously so that poverty is abolished in this world!!!

  16. 1st, i will do something you won't believe, that's put all in the bank wtf...
    after that use the interest to invest on houses/shops...
    then giving out rent!!!!

  17. then that guy also so old liao, need so much money for what la... =.=
    give it to me better.. T_T

  18. alice: so you get around 2M only.. so generous of u!

    twilight: why cried? u feared for him?

    Voon: so .. no need to dream hor..

    wenn: not even 1 million spent.. how about the 47? hahaha...

    ginny: wonder churches will accept the money or not..

    mamapumpkin: knowing you, such saintly acts.. put me to shame.. :p

    donna: ever wonder who that man is.. wonder what he is feeling now.. can sleep or not.. scared or not.. as ming na said.. maybe if we win, we collapse first.. hahaha...

  19. Err... I can't really imagine myself winning 48M, coz I don't buy lottery. But I don't mind getting the share from you, Claire - be it in $$$ or foodie/goodie :D

  20. Rm48 million wld go a long way in improving the lives of so many who need it. Many orphanages, old-folks homes and homes for the destitutes are seriously in need of funds.

    It takes a lot of good karma collected to be able to win that RM48million. I liked it when the winner said that he wld use the money to help his relatives who are not doing well, as well as charity.

  21. i did think of this too..hehehehehehe. good to dream a little sometimes.

  22. Don't forget also that with money, comes trouble :)

  23. yvonne: makan one.. anytime also can eat.. but now have to go AA first :)

    gratitude: yes, he mentioned that.. hope the money goes to good values...

    barb: so much can be done, yeah...

    BB'mum: sleepless nights and worried about being kidnapped too..

  24. Then I will fast fast ask J to call u as "Kai Mah" lol

  25. I don't bother to fream such dreams... If God wants me to be rich, I will be rich. If not, I am happy the way I am. Be thankful of our many blessings, give praise always...and be happy!

  26. Wah, never think what to do if I have so much money..
    Erm, I think I'll buy a house and renovate it the way I want.. then bring entire family for a nice holiday trip!

  27. kathy: yuen satt hor..anyway, i also sart.. so cute kai chai.. or kai suin?

    stp: cos it was in the papers.. that set me gonna spend with 48! that is why i said i had this ridiculous dream..

    hayley: we ladies sure like nice houses and going on holidays! hahaa...

  28. I these winings get taxed? hahahaha...

    And reckon your pastor will indeed accept the amount.

    And I will quit my job and travel the world in comfort with 7 million. And I reckon I can subsidize some holidays too! :)

  29. Claire...go on dreaming so that I get the 100K from you...tumpang your blessing lo :p

  30. ann: i really .. if really win 48.. i think i pengsan straight too! hahaha...

    elin: 100K tak cukup one.. give u one million la.. sap sap sui.. hahaha..

  31. Hmmm..never dare to have this dream cos i one jinx....Bad luck always by my side.

  32. Ling, never say that.. we dont win not bec we r jinxed..we are all special children of God.. :) Just look at u.. so beautifullll and with two cute cute girlies.. :)

  33. you know right...although he is said to win 48 million, he will paid in 2 ways.

    one is lump sum. the lump sum will not be 48 million.

    second is by installment. yes only by this way, he will get 48 million.

  34. elaine: la.. more like a fantasy.. island! hahaha..wont come true one..

    rachel: either way, hope he wont pengsan.. hahaa.. if i won, i might..

  35. Will cash out the RM48million filled the whole room with money and sleep on it hoping my dream comes true..*poof* oops aiyooo only a dream..never buy how to strike haha..

  36. Tulah, too much money pun susah kekeke.

  37. My answer: I don't know. Honestly don't know, cuz I never imagined myself being turned millionaire overnight. It's impossible. I guess...if I won... prolly open a library? Gv some to my parents... setup a trustfund for my brat? Belanja friends eat? Hahaha... aiyer... I sound like a dummy!

  38. Gosh....i will travel around the world with hubby and the kids and just QUIT! If the 48 millions is still enough to cover both kids' educations..bla bla bla........

  39. I never dream about all those stupid things that will never become real. It will definitely build a huge pressure on that person to achieve the target. But if anyone wants to try, then best of luck to him/her.


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