Saturday, October 9, 2010

Some Random Thoughts And Pictures..

What a hot day!! Sitting here all alone at my home office table... staring at the screen....

A quiet half an hour, only one person's laughter could be heard .... Mine! while watching our Hongkong trip video, it brought back good memories and drawing some laughter out from me.. that was almost 3 years ago when we went for our first Hongkong trip together as a family....

Here are some pictures that has no connection to the Hongkong trip...hahaha...this is Kuala Sepetang seafood restaurant....

These are just some random pictures which I like to post up before I go to church.... ciao..


  1. The food must be really fresh...but sometimes, rather expensive at such places.

  2. Looks very fresh. And of course the price must be quite "fresh" too right?

  3. laughing alone ah? a sign of danger wor..hahaha just kidding la :P

  4. u sounds very happy miss claire. keep it up:-) take care

  5. Just came back from Sepetang. Went there for Laksa and ice-blended red bean.

  6. stp: nola.. that one is in Kuala Septang...

    tekkaus: not exactly..they were quite reasonable..

    kathy: now u know how quiet it is over here.. watched video also alone one..

    veta: u too.. be happy!

    mingna: so how did u find them? u didnt go for seafood? :)

  7. It's alway nice to look back at old photos/videos. I used to do that.

  8. oh yeah, it was a hot day, and even shoot up to 32°C at night!! really crazy..

    errr, why you only posted the raw seafood?? i want to see the cooked ones, hahaha~~ :D

  9. Are those real oyster shells? They look too perfect, all scalloped and pink, pretty in pink! Maybe man made dishes for the oysters?

  10. Seafood looks very fresh, like can eat raw..

  11. Thoughts often comes randomly. When a person is ideal, all the things that are in the subconscious mind comes out as thought. It is a tiring thing ans so better avoid it.


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