Monday, November 8, 2010

Our First Time In Snooker

Besides shopping and eating, we had an enjoyable time playing pool too! (thanks SK for pointing out my mistake)..

Oops.. Correction.. nope, not me... I didn't have a good time cos I don't even know how to hold the "stick" and hit the ball correctly! My heart is not with snookering, my only game is still badminton-ing... hahahaha... But perhaps give me more time, I can master this game ... hahaha..

who's this... got style!
macam "expert"
wannabe :)

a potential "Jimmy White?"


another wannabe

wonder what she is doing.. hahahaa..

"i think u better move over, son... let me do it!"

we had a good laugh..
after a long while, no matter how we hit,
the balls were still on the table!!


  1. Happy... happy family!
    I like to see pictures showing all the members in a family working or playing together.

  2. that is just pool and not snoker lah.. snoker table is a lot bigger, this size is just for pool and only pool has the balls numbered, hehe~~ :p

  3. Yeah, place your bets and win! SK must be an expert to know at instant that's pool table. I love to play them too as they are relaxing. I enjoyed playing with a friend who is color blind and could not tell the difference between brown and red balls!

  4. mingna: having a try out...

    sk: thanks for pointing out the mistake.. so pool is for amateurs?:P

    twilight: hahaha...serious? i better dont laugh at ppl, i dint even know how to hold the stick..

  5. Wow, u have ur own snooker table at home? great leh!

  6. That's the way to do it - No matter how we hit, the balls were still on the table! LoL! hahahhaha.. can't stop laffing now :P

  7. angeline: no la..not mine one.. hahaha..

    merryn: memang .. the balls cannot seem to go into the hole..

  8. ohhhh... my dad pandai play these... he used to play this a lot when he was my age. And my husband knows how to play too... but I am completely helpless in this. I can play table tennis and knows how to swim, though... while both my dad and my husband can't swim to save their life. *snort*

  9. Hahaha :D So no one really hit the balls? :p

  10. It is just so great to see that even though most of your kids are grown, you atill get together and have so much FUN with them!! They actually WANT to be with their mom!! Do you know how many kids this age just want to be finally away from mom and out on their own? You have done a fabulous job as a parent!! What is the secret???

  11. Watch out! Don't spoil the table. LOL!!! Can be addictive...

    P.S. Agree with Ginny's comment. You are truly blessed. What goes around comes around - I'm sure it's because you are such a nice person, always so nice to others.... Stay as sweet as you are!

  12. fun geometry!

    Aloha from Waikiki :)

    Comfort Spiral



  13. cleff: i know how to play badminton, table tennis.. *snort* hahhahaaa...

    tekkaus: one or two went in.. hahaha..

    ginny: they are not fully adults yet, so they are with me.. for now, at least.. once they start to work, then i cannot say the same thing again.. anyway, while they are with me, yes, i feel very blessed! Praise God..

    stp: i am sure you are the same too, i can feel your love upon your girl so abundantly, and i m sure she recipocrates too.. :)

    cloudia: thanks for the aloha.. hahaha...

  14. Hi, drop u a mail and thanks for your visit.

  15. Kakakaka ... you really got 'style' in the picture la :P :P But the snooker Q really looks odd in your hands, kekekekeke .....

    Glad that you guys are having a great day!

  16. This game is all about strategy. I used to join my bunch of male friends to snooker center and watched them frown at the balls, kekeke. I tried a few times but didn't get hook up. My skill is bad and the cue is longer than my hands, lol!

  17. hahaha! me oso dunno how to play this but i saw my frens enjoyed it a lot! :D but this looks great family bonding time!

  18. It's a fun game... hihihihi....

  19. chris: hehehe..

    nebular: thanks!

    mommyangel: aiyah, i tot no one will notice that..

    yvonne: i cannot even hold the stick properly. hahaha.

    carol: yes, but expensive to buy lar..

    cath: yes ah? i prefer my badminton..

  20. wah. ur friend very rich. got snooker table in their house

  21. When playing pool, you are only to shoot all the balls in the pocket except the black one, right?

    Every color of the balls have different points.

  22. rachel: :)

    jessie: i m not sure.. hahaha..

  23. how many balls Mama managed to "tuk" into the net?

  24. ha... this post reminds me of my younger clubbing & "pool-ing" days :-). no chance to play now, so all skills gone to longkang oredi... haha!

  25. Oohh pool! I also took quite a long time to learn it but still very 'char' .. hehe

  26. kathy: paiseh to say.. "None"

    boeyjoey: wah.. u so IN one!

    sweetwitch: i dont think i wanna learn it anymore.. macam no shoik.. hahaha..

  27. Me too don't know how to play but really enjoy watching it...


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