Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tronoh Cendol

Here are some pictures of a home made cendol... hahaha.. not really home made la..
This man was "hired" by a friend to come and supply cendol during a house warming gathering. On such a hot weather, a bowl of cendol is very welcoming....

Uncle preparing his cendol before guests arrived..

we were sort of waiting...

a bowl of cendol
so much added ingredients!
(kar liew)


  1. one time u r in kl then suddenly in tronoh?

  2. The cendols are very plump... looks ok because the vendor didn't drizzle too much brown sugar on the cendol.

  3. chris: yo.. been back from KL ages!

    mingna" yeah.. this one like home made one.. not so much santan..

  4. Oh the chendol look yummy. i love red beans :)

  5. This is indeed a good post to know about homemade Cendol. The cendols are really fresh and looking yummy. I hope the guest appreciated the dishes.


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