Wednesday, December 8, 2010

First Day Of Giveaway!

Hi... are you all ready?? Here is the question.........

Where did I go in December last year and where am I now?

and now here are the rules...

Of all the five days I will choose 10 winners who answer correctly...

For each day I will choose the first 2 winners but if none answered correctly, the two chances will be brought forward till the next day.. so no matter what, there are 10 prizes...

But each reader can only comment one time per day.....

In other words, one reader can have five chances!!!

Prizes? Don't expect million ringgit prize la... I don't know what the prizes myself.... I have to go and survey out while holidaying... keychains can ah??? hahahaa... don't aiye first...

This is my first Giveaway contest and hope you all will make it work! :)

My posts are all scheduled... at different times of the day.....

Anyone can join, local or overseas....

But those who cannot participate are as follows... hehehehe....

1) Elinluv (and those whom she told) :))
2) Gabriel (sure AAron told you already :))
3) Friends and colleagues (I know who I told :))

(hey, please dont bribe the above for answers!) LOL.....

Please... this is for hard feelings please... forgive me for not disclosing.....

Ok and now for the First tip...
No, we are not in KL now... LOL...

The Gardens, Mid Valley

Another tip: This was taken last year....
Note : my "trademark peace"


  1. U were in Japan last year and now u r in Korea :D

  2. Claire, .. Going to Bali for holiday now?? and last year you were in Japan :)

  3. Last year you were in Japan. The second picture was Owakudani, The Volcano there...

    This year, Nigeria Falls?

  4. I love fountains! And it looks like a lot of steam behind you. Either that or something was just on fire!

  5. Last year you were in Japan
    You visited Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto etc.
    The second picture featuring a volcano was taken in Owakudani boiling volcano valley...

    This year ah... looks so familiar.
    I guess I'd been there.
    Hardrock Hotel in BALI!!!

  6. Going to Bali? Humph!!! So far, want to go...Sibu so near, never bother to drop by. Tsk! Tsk!

  7. P.S. Cleff...Nigeria, got falls kah? Muahahahaha!!!!

  8. u were in Japan last don't know la..anyway, happy holidays!

  9. since some of them can remember your trip to japan last year, so it must be japan .
    now i think you're somewhere in australia.

  10. Last year : Japan.

    This year : Korea?..

  11. last year japan, Ipoh la. no need to attend Christmas service ah?

  12. Japan last year...
    this year ah... cannot be Korea la... would be winter already, where got fountain one??? must be some tropical country... Singapore?

  13. The first pic taken was at Mid Valleys, KL and the second one was sonewhere in Japan?

  14. I really liked both the pics specially the fountain one, Mid Valley...

  15. Last year - japan
    Now - no matter where you are, enjoy!!

  16. are so rajin utk buat giveaway..hehe

  17. @Stp.. alamak... typo... it's supposed to be Niagara Falls! Aiya... daytime otak duzzin work.

  18. thank you............

  19. last year u were in japan, this year u r in korea:-)

  20. Last Year Japan, This year Hong Kong

  21. Hmmm...again I guess Disneyland and that you are revisiting.

  22. Last year Japan, this year Korea? Must be somewhere cold, i remember your girl or you bought a pair of boots!

  23. cool! I want to participant... can i bride Gabriel?

  24. so like this contest! hehe .. First of all, enjoy your holiday!

    Last yr was Japan, this yr is HK..

  25. Merryn and Mery got the answers right here..


Thank you, readers!

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