Saturday, December 4, 2010

Forget Yesterday, Remember Tomorrow

Thanks for your comments on my previous post on Rantings.... I am a Ranter...

As I go through my daily life, blogging in my own blog seems to be an effective solution.... the "!@##$%" does not play a part.. I typed those out to emphasize my helplessness...

Ok, I do not want to talk about that anymore............ it is part of life that I have to go through whether I like it or not... nevertheless, there are so much in life to look forward to... no matter what happen in the past, let it not affect our future... What happened yesterday, let it not disturb our tomorrow....

Lets talk about my gifts...
SEE, how can I complain??
When there are so much in store for me.....
So...leave the Sadness .... and
Welcome the Happiness!!


  1. so many gifts. you are so loved, Claire :)

  2. so lucky so many pressies for your birthday :)))

  3. Good for you! You are love by not only family members but from us here too.

  4. Absolutely correct. life is too short. So, why sad if we can choose to be happy?

  5. i wish you happy forever!

    agree with you! we are prefer happy rather than sadness.

  6. Welcome the happiness... very true Claire.. thanks for sharing.. :D

  7. so nice! hehe see there's much more things for us to enjoy n lets just forget bout all sadness!

    saw ur gift, n looking back at my gifts, 90% are plushies n 10% is my golden key n brAcelets. LOL!

  8. LOL... got one more pending... tunggu santarina send to u. =D Wan me to sign it or not? LMAO.

  9. You are surrounded by love... :D Such bless :) Have a nice weekend now Claire..

  10. Barb: i guess we all are loved by someone or others...

    elin: not forgetting your cake too!!

    kathy: yes, i indeed am.. so blessed in a way...

    sheohyan: agreed.. oh dear, i forgot what i should do today.. sorry..

    chvoon: thank you!

    cath: we need that!

    caroline: u r also blessed with gifts!

    cleff: if no signature, i wont accept!! hahaha....

    merryn: i guess we all are!!

    mery: not always 50years old ma.. hahaha..

  11. Wow!! Nice gifts!! You are blessed : )

  12. Yes, like the Chinese song goes, "Ming tien wei kern hao" - tomorrow will be better. Life is too short for feeling miserable and upset...

  13. P.S. That reminds me - I have not posted on my birthday pressies... LOL!!!

  14. You are blessed to have so many generous and caring friends! Caring Is Not Only Sharing, but they do share a lot!

  15. think christmas! think christmas!!!

  16. foongpc: yes.. i m..

    stp: wow..u know mandarin? great! yes, look forward to tomorrows!

    ginny: yes, they share their love and care for one another too..

    medie: think gifts! think gifts!

    wenn: thanks!

  17. so you turn your ranting into shopping ka? good hit it sis

  18. keep all your gifts or presents safely in good boxes and when you think you almost want to retire,opens a blic-brac or knick-knack shop and sell your stuffs

  19. Dun let insignificant ppl bother u, Claire. U hv great kids n wonderful frens. Yes, truly blessed.

  20. Yes, I am truly blessed.. and my anxieties subside fast..


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