Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Missing BLog

Not only I am under maintenance.. my blog seems to be too!!!!! I cannot even see my own blog but I can post up something... ok, this is terrifying, folks... seriously!!

What happens to me... it might happen to you.... so remember to import your file every now and then.. I didnt so there goes all my posts for 2 years!!


  1. hey, if you see my comments, it means it's working now

  2. yes..my son did it!! hahaha..thank God..

  3. gosh...I never thought to import the files. Really have to do it now.

  4. Claire..I think you have to import all your posts :) haha your blog also sick like the tuan :p
    Take care and rest more. Stop blogging for a day !!! Get well soon. Miss you ! MUAXs and HUGS


  5. Your blog merajuk coz you left it for so many days

  6. The best thing I ever found was an

    BlackBerry Tour. It saved me a ton of money.


Thank you, readers!

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