Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Night To Remember

It was a night to remember..... a Friday evening to meet up some old friends .. in fact the 4 of us were Ex-Convent girls..... yes all of us... coming from Main Convent and one from Tarcisian Convent... still convent, right?

Now these EX-Convent girls have become bloggers, out of the five of us, three are established food bloggers whole the remaining two of us are "rojak" ones... oppps...sorry Joanna, I am the Rojak one.. At least you can still cook from what I see in your posts while you were in London!

Ok, guess who are the three food bloggers???

very easy to guess...
the food bloggers have slim bodies...
why?? because they just cook and don't eat much

wanna know them?
Three Ipohian food bloggers....
ARE none other than...

the one on the furthest left is OF COURSE A TASTER!!

someone commented why our pictures looked so serious one...
OK, let me put my "trademark peace" there...

better still, two Trademarks of Peace....
Thanks for the Night To Remember...
Next time don't just talk about Food..
Remember to BRING THEM AS WELL!!!


  1. You look gorgeous in those pictures. So cheerful...

  2. Nice Blogs you have, thanks for visiting mine


  3. but then true wor...normally the one who cooks dont eat much. LOL

  4. ate and have forgotten...I brought mine wert! Cheh...eaten and forgotten !!! :( And you can't even wait to go home and eat it :p

  5. mingna: take pics sure cheerful one.. hey, u came back already ah? how is Japan???

    filip: thanks!! do drop by more often

    kathy: but how we dont get fedup of tasting??? hahaha...

    elin: sorry ah.. forgotten liow.. all inside the stomach, how to remember?? so nice.. all walloped by now..

  6. having food bloggers (who actually cooks) as friends are way so cool! U get to taste n taste...

    there are food bloggers out there who doesn't cook. they go out n do food review.. dat type, u wont get anything to eat from them :P

  7. merryn: that type is me lo..hahaa.. i just review..never cook for them one..

  8. Wow, so we are established food bloggers,Ipoh mari! Ya lah, next time must remember to bring some food for tasting and sharing!!

  9. Claire: I suggest u guys must organized pot-luck next time. Bring ur own food for sharing...must be fun rite? BTW, da photo with those trade mark really make me chuckling all the way!

  10. Eh? Is that Jo? Jo looks like she lost weight. o.O My eyes playing tricks on me?

  11. You are all slim!! Well, at least compared to me! It looks like you had a great time. Caire, I just can't figure out how you can eat out with so much good food all the time and you are still so little and thin!!!

  12. I can't tell which ones are the food bloggers! You are ALL slim! Lol! Must've been fun this reunion. Wish I could do the same with my girlies!

  13. mingna: great.. will jump over to yr blog now but can only comment at home cos office banned liow!!

    cheah: this is what i love to see most!! hahaha..

    angeline: i got two trademarks!!

    cleff: hey, but not as thin as u yet, ok? hahahaa...

    ginny: maybe we people here stressed a lot so cannot grow wider much.. lol..

    fely: so when are u coming back??

  14. you are really humourous..'rojak'?hey, i'm embarrased when you wrote there 'established food bloggers' elin and cheah are the really established ones..i just started crawling out..

  15. Haha... Old girls of convent gathering!! Where's datuk Michelle yeoh ?

  16. Oooo...pretty ladies in a row! Nice to meet up with all friends and fellow-bloggers, eh? Yalor...all so slim - two of you can make one of me, I think.

  17. lena: I am very accurate one when it comes to food.. you might be a new blogger but from the food pictures, you are already established!!

  18. Cute Victory picture!

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral


  19. chrisau: oh Michelle? she said she is in the midst of movie making so she meet us up some other time wor.. hehehee...

    stp: beats me! i wonder where the delicious food go to... i wonder...

  20. Wa no joke,you've got a trade mark smile with a peace sign lol,, got it patented already now,,next time can sue anyone who strikes that pose ,ok?

    have a great week ahead ya

  21. Love the picture with peace signs! :)

  22. eugene: hahahaa.. can sue one ah?? hahaha.. macam itu kaya liow!!

    sweetwitch: eugene said my trademark wo..

  23. Aiyo Claire, camwhore queen *hands tiara* rofl

    Have a great week ahead ya! ^_^

  24. Oh My Claire! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw my good friend's photo. She's Lena :D Glad that you all met up. This is Lena's first blogger's meeting I think...hehehehehhe

  25. So food taster, wat did u review that nite? :)

  26. gratitude: my trademark eh...

    barb: yes, she told me you are her ex schoolmate or classmate? hahaha.. something like that.. hope we can meet up too one day...

    slavemom: for food, you got to hop over to elinluvtidbitscorner... i dint have a camera with me that night..

  27. the food bloggers have slim bodies? true? thought they would be tasting and eating all the time haha..Pete is slim but STP is reverse so who is the real foodie blogger please stand up! haha.

  28. whoaa so nice! but whrs d pic of the foods? :p

  29. bananaz: i will wait for pete and stp answers for this one.. hahhaa...

    caroline: pics of food is in elin's blog.. hehee..

  30. So you are from the Main Convent! You know Maria Lau?

  31. wow..u hv met so many bloggers already :)

  32. WOW Claire, a great meet up and you're always with that smiling face :)

  33. I hope it was a memorable night for all of you to be there. It is always great to share joy and love among all. It's great to share food also.


Thank you, readers!

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