Wednesday, December 15, 2010

On The Highway

For the past one week in Korea, we were always on the highway, the bus were always taking us from one place to another. We were amazed by their highway roads, they were quite safe actually, few lanes on one side to accommodate the vehicles. My son Andy was observing the cars, he noticed that they were mostly new cars, I mean there wasn't any old junk cars in sight. It was a good move by the government, the prices of cars are not actually expensive, with all the new cars on the road, one may not often see any roadside assistance along the highway.


  1. I hope your journey was really superb. It is obvious that while traveling across the boundary of a country, you need to travel more on the highways. But it is good to travel on the highways. It so thrilling.

  2. My Korean friends told me that their cars are so bloody cheap!!!


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