Sunday, December 26, 2010

Spring Tour

During the Christmas dinner with my family members, my siblings asked me where my next destination is for next year. Feeling kind of amusement, I told them that I have plans to go to western countries this time. Asian countries is not in my list, I told them in a jest. After the China, Japan and Korea trips, it is enough..... lol... My kids agreed to that, either to western countries or just visit locally. Two years of experiencing winter were more than enough already. This time we plan to go during spring or autumn season. At least it won't be too cold or freezing like in our Korea trip. I do not want to come back sick again. LOL...

Spring is just three months away, my son told me that if we really have intention of going, we got to decide now which country we are planning to go. Okay, mum decides and I would love to visit Australia again. I have not been to Gold Coast, Brisbane yet and I am sure my kids will like this place where it is full of fun and beaches. The first thing we ought to do is to plan the date, make sure that the four of us are available on the specific dates. Secondly, we ought to look out for cheap flights in the Internet and one of the websites suggested is I just checked it out and I noticed that they not only provide the flights, they offer good reasonable rates on accommodation too, cheap hotels are available! Out of curiousity, I logged in to my destination and a list of hotels with their price lists came out in seconds. I can actually read their reviews and the hotel details in just a few seconds, so easy accessible. The next thing is to check out their cheap car rentals as well. This time we want to make our travel free and easy, so my son suggested that we rent a car and travel by our own. It is a good idea, doing our own sightseeing at our own pace and time. As the saying goes, everyone can fly now, as long as you have the time, the money and the health!

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