Monday, December 20, 2010

They Are The Amateur Skiers

After the mountain view ride, it was time for the the youngsters to get ready.. in fact, they were quite excited about their first time skiing experience...with our tour guide assistance on their measurement and skiing equipment, they were finally all set to go... their first skiing in real snow!

they got style!!
slowly they "prodded" into the snow...

and awaiting for their "skiing tutors"

the tutors were the tour guides.. hahahaa....

while they were listening intently,
I was hovering nearby to capture some shots...

I noticed that most of them were youngsters...
older people like me doesn't ski, ok.....

ok, one is set to start on his own now...

here he goesssss......

another one coming along......

he looked so steady... hehehe....

fuuyohh...doesn't he look "pro?"

oooppsss...too fast.... no brakeeee.....

he was laughing so hard that he couldn't get up....

there... he is!!!

off they ski-ed again.... never say die....

as for the youngest one...
she took no chances and did it slow...

after some falling down here and there
both of them played safe by skiing near the net....
at least it helped to break their fall... hahahaa....


  1. And why was the captain not joining her crew? Trying to imagine how Claire would look like when she was skiing...

  2. mingna: dont la.. i m not as "ripe" as you lar... hahahaha...

  3. Wow! What a great fun!
    Lovely pictures, too!
    I wish I were there with you!
    I LOVE the snow!

    B xx

  4. hahaha, enjoyed your skiing?? and how many times did you fell down?? hmmmm, i have not tried skiing before, and i guess my butt will sure sore after that, hahaha~~ :D

  5. merryn: fun for the young!

    betty: i didnt ski actually.. i was taking the pics only.. :)

    sk: how i wish i were young again to enjoy the skiing.. i dont need to ski cos i have done so by falling off a day earlier!

  6. Why are you complaining you are not young blah blah blah!!?? Age is just a number but your heart is still so young and happy! The Korean guys ski so well without using the stick at all...down from mountain slopes. I saw them ski at night as there would be lesser people. So fun!!

  7. Wah.... Not cold meh ?? All look like pros!

  8. Wah Claire, a skiing trip with your 3 darlings, how very nice!!

  9. i bet there were so much fun ..why never you ski?i thought i would be able to see your skiing photos here..

  10. so much fun! u should hv tried..

  11. i'd probably not ski as well, since i can't even rollerskate on level ground. i fear injury as the joints/bones aren't as strong as they used to be.

  12. Glad you took pictures, what fun! But only for the young ones! Were they ever able to go any distance?

  13. guys are really having a great time. :)

    Do skiing! :D Look at your children...they are really loving every single moment of it.

  14. You didn't try? Did you like the snow? Cold, wet and slippery?

  15. You didn't try this, it should be really fun!^-^

  16. My two youngest children learned to ski (well, we live only a couple of hours from ski country here in Maine)! We have such a long winter that they figured they might as well enjoy it by learning to ski. It is very expensive though...It looks like you all had a fun experience with the skis! How did they do on the trails? Me, I would not be able to even stand up on skis! I have no desire to try it. I will stick to snowshoes.

  17. twilight: though i am "very" young at heart, but my bones said, "hey, u gotto watch out, mam!"

    cath: yea, tengok pun best!

    chris: all the wannabes..hahaaa...

    shireen: yes, they love it!

    wenn: tak berani la.. :)

    lena: if i ski, i think i wont be able to come to work la.. hahaha...

    doc: u are the only person who thinks like me..hahaha..

    pete: i m not that adventurous la.. scared!

    ginny: they did go quite a distance but cannot brake in time.. hahaha..

    blondeduck: watching them was fun too!!

    filip: for first timers, it is safer..

    tekkaus: yes, hope they enjoy their time.. money paid to enjoy.. :)

    stp: please.. i dare not take the risk.. bones said cannot! hohoho...

    alice: as i said, i cannot deny my age.. hahaha..

    cheryl: how come skiing is so expensive? i guess if we have winter here, we might as well invest in their equipment..

  18. Hello :)

    nice blog you have here.. ;D

    Btw, may I know what you mean by paid ones??

    I've sent you an email as you requested :)

  19. jemsen: thanks.. will reply...

    Mery: real fun for them!!

  20. It's fun! I'm going Korea on April 2011, not Winter! no skiing....

    I've received the gift just now. Thank you very much. It's lovely!

  21. Claire...can see them having so much all the pics of them...looking so pro...hahaha especially Andy and Fernnie :)))

  22. Claire, I've changed my primary blog to

    Could you do me a favor by updating the new blog to your blog list?

    Thank you very much!

  23. Reminds me of my skiiing experience back in Beijing... quite a dangerous sport if not careful.. coz I met with an accident back then.. but playing at the flat area should be very safe..

  24. cindy: going in April will be beautiful least u wont get chilled!! Ok, i change the blogroll when i m home.. thanks!

    elin: yeah, look pro hor? but fell few times in an hour.. hahaa..

    sweetwitch: that was why i didnt ski., i dont think my bones can bear the fall too....

  25. wei..should capture video la next time

  26. WOW...Claire, un family having so much fun..

    Didnt know u were on vacation till i have time to do some blogs reading

  27. kathy: i captured but didnt on the button,,,sigh....

    ling: yeah, u were not well... glad u r ok now!!

  28. good for the experience, but we old timers have old bones so dare not risk too much eh! :P

  29. You should have done some skiing yourself too! Look at how much fun the kids had....Could have got the tour guide to capture the pics too. Looks like they do multi-task very well...Double up as skiing instructors too? Wow.

  30. tuti: yes, yes.. but.. er.. u r old meh??? :p

    oliveoylz: cannot lar.. dare not take the risk.. yes, now tour guides are multi purpose otherwise how to make money... hahaha...

  31. tuti: yes, yes.. but.. er.. u r old meh??? :p

    oliveoylz: cannot lar.. dare not take the risk.. yes, now tour guides are multi purpose otherwise how to make money... hahaha...

  32. I have never tried skiing before.

  33. so niceeeeee! at least u guys experienced skiing so cool!

  34. meiteng: me too..i seen only..

    irene: i didnt experiece yet..


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