Sunday, January 9, 2011

Chinese Taipei BWF Superseries 2010

12pm was the live telecast of Victor-BWF Superseries Finals... and Lee Chong Wei would be playing the 3rd game in line.

It was around 12pm when I was driving across the Penang Bridge and I was already calculating the time, whether I would missed the Men's Singles or not.... the journey normally takes me 2 hours to reach my house....

Around 2pm, I drove my car into the porch...The minute I entered the house, I switched on the TV and I heard the crowd cheering.... to my relief, I saw Lee Chong Wei and Peter Gade entering the court!! I felt so happy... yes, I was just in time to watch.... hahahaa...

Lee Chong Wei won straight sets...
Both of them played a good match!

Peter Gade of Denmark
He is 35... he looks gorgeous, eh....
Champion once again...
Lee Chong Wei had a good handshake with Peter...

Lee Chong Wei with his prize money..
Hope he can beat Lin Dan of China next time..
hopefully.. yeah...
Next week is Malaysia Open....
Thought of going to KL to watch it live!!


  1. Chong Wei's die-hard fan of the year award goes to ...... CLAIRE!!!

  2. So glad you made it!!! Are you able to tape things? Do you have a digital box or a tape player?

  3. Lin Dan not playing?

  4. Still i prefer Lin Dan......sorry sorry,it is not that i am not 1Malaysia, it is just that sometimes i find excuses given when "kalah punya time" not professional enough" hahahahah.

  5. haha i will never expect that Lee Chong Wei can beat Lin Dan, though of course i hope he can win for Malaysia. :)

  6. mingna: *bow..bow* hahaha

    tuti: likes to watch only..from afar..

    ginny: yes, but i like to see it live!

    stp: lin dan didnt go taipei..

    eugene: dont like lin dan much.. yeah, maybe patriotic..hehee..

    carol: yeah.hard to beat lin dan actually.he is too good..

  7. Wah you're a really die hard FAN!! :)

  8. haha....felt so relieved that you are back in time to watch the match. Such a die-hard fan. Am sure watching it live will be so much different from watching from the tv. Might consider and fly down to KL immediately. haha

  9. oh... congrats Msia.. I didn't knw this if I don't read your blog.. haha

  10. Yeah! i havent watch this games but happy to know he won the games'


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