Thursday, January 6, 2011

Remember Some, Forget Lots

Yesterday Aaron received an email about a job interview. This morning he took an early train down to Johor and then tomorrow he will go for the interview in Singapore. When I sent him off this morning, it really dawned upon me that I am older and he is "bigger"....

From baby to toddler and from there to a primary school kid, then secondary... then to university and now, he is being "scooped up" in working life. When we tidied up the drawers recently, we had a good time marveling at the photos, the baby photos.... someone says time flies yes, it does fly especially when the memories are still so clear in our minds.......

I can still remember my school days, my first working experience, my first date.... my wedding, the painful birth of my three kids... then grief at 1997. But from the year 1997 till 2003, I cannot remember much of what I did, till now I tried to crack back but I really have no memories that phase of time... I don't know why..... how we coped, what we did, I am blank... serious and funny though.... no matter how I tried to remember, it is like.... Blocked Out...

......Anyway, here we 2011... a new phase of life....


  1. it is good to block out the unhappiness. just remember the good ones will do, Claire :) You are a great mom :D

  2. it is only good to remember the lessons life taught us from our unhappiness and trials..

    Hapy New Year..and may you and your family continue to live a glorious life =)

  3. There are things in life that our brain will block away from our memories. Sometimes, it is better that way... I couldn't remember some part of my life no matter how I tried to. I think I cannot remember the year 1997... I was terribly ill that time and i cannot really remember how I can survive the coma...maybe it's better that way, Claire. Some things are meant to be forgotten, I guess.

  4. u know claire.. i cannot remember things about jayden and justin growing up. I gotto find it in my blog to recall what i did. nevermind its the past, now u have yr own blog and u can jot down everything. then if u cannot recall come back and read it. :)

  5. haha...yea, big kid dy, hope he get the job soon! then can bring auntie go visit the world. :)

  6. barb: haha.. dont put me high. i m not really.. but i know i have a short memory..

    kero: is true that we learn as we grow..

    cleff: gosh.. u also 1997 crisis? that is real coma.. what were u thinking actually when in a coma?

    sasha: at least u have the blog.. i have the photos only.. i cannot remember much.. yeah only three years ago, got blogging..

    gab: big boy like u liow.. hahaha. well, see where the Lord leads him...

  7. Our brain is selectively permeable. We sometimes allow some fond memories to stay with us for a long period and they are hardly faded by the passing of time. However, those painful moments in our lives will be sealed inside the deepest, darkest and unreachable section of the brain. It's really not necessary for us to unveil it because it brings back nothing else but sorrows.

  8. and very soon you will be a mom in law to someone and with the blink of 2 eyes, some cutie will be calling you, 'grandma, grandma! i want shee shee!'

  9. Hi Claire, I think we all have some unhappy times in our lives which we blot out of our memories... I had an unhappy first marriage --and except for my 3 wonderful sons, I don't remember much about that time in my life.

    I suppose that 'blocking out' the bad times in our lives is a way of coping... Glad you are doing better now.

  10. Mingna: oh is it like this? it is not that I want to block it out intentionally.. those few years, funny though, i really cannot remember how and what we did.. it was like.. flying.. and then hey, we grow up already..

    lena: aiyoh., dont scare me la.. so fast meh... hahaha...

    betsy: well, i guess it is a blessing in disguise that the memories is not there.. not as clear as many years ago..

  11. Oh Thank God you have blog Claire.. I think some can refer here.. :D

  12. Ya ... sometimes I thank God that our brain somehow will choose what to remember and what not to remember. But I am glad that you did it and see .... it's 2011 already :)

  13. when we were too busy bringing up our kids, we might not be able to recall much as compared to those days when we were so carefree.

  14. When things move fast, we tend to forget most of what happened.

    I heard playing Soduku can improve memory....

  15. Perhaps not remembering those painful times is a defense mechanisim for your body. It could overwhelm you. Sometimes it a good things to forget the bad and "wear rose colored glasses".

  16. Clair: May the joy of the future fill in for all the sad memories of that sad period of your life.

  17. Good luck to Aaron... Eventually, all of them would have flown the roost and you will have a lot of time to reminisce on all the happy days you've all spent together - the empty nest syndrome. Good or bad - that's all part of life. As they say, life is a bed or roses...with the thorns.

  18. cath: when i m much much older, i can refer back.. yes!!

    mommyangel; it is not that i wanted to block, somehow i cannot remember much of it, how my kids grow..

    wenn: u also cannot remember much? mine was certain years..

    pete: mahjong can or not? :)

    ginny: i like the way you put it.. yes, i like to wear the rose colored glasses!!

    tom: thank you .. same to you too!

    stp: by that time, i think more memories will fade off lah,..hahaha.. older ma.. thanks for your wishes..

  19. Seriously you are one of the nice bloggers friends i have known,and am here wishing you really wishing you the best of everything in what you do, what you pray for ya.....

    yes forget,,,,,forget for good

  20. I think some people are only remembering the things of their past that at that time were an extreme situation or find very important to them. For me this can be very quick if I am not really interested in something, I forget fast.

  21. Good luck to Aaron with the job interview! Time really flies huh! Before long, you'll be blogging about being a mother-in-law! LOL!

  22. I'm sure you have tonnes of memories to cherish, and many more years to come. You'd make a fabulous hip granny too ;)

  23. filip: good to hear that someone forgets fast too.. hahaha.. i thought i am the only outstanding one..

    eugene: u r one of them whom I know for quite some time now.. the time when i began to blog.. hahaa.. lets keep it up, bro!

    sweetwitch: thanks! i think that time, i be the oldest mummy blogger in Malaysia.. haha..

    gratitude: hip hip hurray!!

    mnhl: yes, look towards blogging more.. :)

  24. That time? I dunno... blank... cannot remember anything....yea... 1997, very big crisis... they tot I'd die... nobody tot I'd survive. LOL. But as ppl say la... bad ppl live longer. I'm bad ppl ma... so din die when I was 13 lo. LOL!

  25. One are one tough lady and great mom. I respect and salute you.

  26. It is great to see little birds flying out from the nest and venture to outside world. Dont worry, you are not old, but wiser mum! :)

  27. In Canto we say "nei hm hai yan" [you are not human] but "nei hai chew yan" [you are super woman]. Single handedly you *clawed* the "3 little monsters". You *Josh* them up to stand on mountains & to walk on stormy seas. You are simply the best. Cheers! Good luck to Aaron.

  28. slavemom: thanks!

    mery: thank you..

    cleff: cis, like this also wanna believe... u cannot die cos u r needed in this earth to help others.. :)

    sheohyan: anyone in my place will do better.. :)

    rose: yes, yes, as elin said, we are only 25years old. hahaha..

    bananaz: gosh, i thought i m zombie if not human.. hahhaa.. so i can now say "Up, up and away!!!" chiew yan ma.. u said.. hahaa..


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