Saturday, January 22, 2011

Webhosting For Me?

Ever since I started blogging in 2008, my son has been encouraging me to have my own domain, having seen me engrossed in my blog and posting up pictures almost daily without fail. Well, finally now I have my own domain, he told me to get a good web hosting site so that my blog will look more "professional-like". I really don't know how to go about it, I am more or less illiterate when it comes to webhosting and I have lots to learn.

Anyway, I hope to get more information on this web hosting thingy. From what I read in this website hosting link, they have a free research guide to help us users to choose the right web host for our blogs, whether it is personal or business website. One of them is this webhostinghub, so far it is one of the best choices, you will definitely get your choice here because they have a wide selection where you can choose from, they are based on affordability, reliability, uptime and even tech support is available on the site here itself. Besides that, there are more to catch up with, I will ask my son to log in and tell me the best website for me.

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