Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hard Core Addict

Eugene posted up a question yesterday in his blog..
Who is a hard core addict blogger?

Now...back to my post...
Chinese New Year Eve was spent cleaning up...
scrubbing here and there.. real tedious work...

thank God for my two "samsons"
I rest my weary hands....

First....soak the floor with detergent...
to kill virus and bacteria... hahhaa...

Inside... "delilah" at work... lol...
ok, 5pm now...
going off for our reunion dinner!

So.. what did you all do today?


  1. Just finished reunion dinner at Kok Thai. U guys didn't book there this year ?

  2. Happy New Year...
    We had our reunion dinner at home.

  3. pete: same to u...

    chris: we had ours in East Ocean...

    mingna: we didnt eat at home this year..

  4. hahaha, i did nothing today.. work for half a day, then last minute shopping, then back home for dinner, watch tv, and now blogging!! haha~~ :D

  5. Busy tidy up the house,cooking for reunion dinner....Busy n tiring day,but very happy.

    Happy chinese new year,Claire..

  6. Hi Reana, kong hei fatt choy to you and all at home. Wishing you the very best of the rabbit year.
    Have fun and keep a song in your heart.

  7. Claire, happy new year to you. May God bless you with all your needs.

  8. Happy Chinese New year to you too. :)

  9. I also have a post out... Old habits die hard... LOL!!!

  10. How good that they are hard workers and offered to clean up!!! It looks like it will be clean enough to eat off the floor!

  11. Happy CNY dear Claire....may this rabbit year brings all the happiness and richness....*hugs*

    pstttt...nak makan tu pineapple tarts...bole keee?


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