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Lack Of Oxygen In Brain?

My heart in turmoil... evening time I couldn't breathe properly, it was like I was feeling stressed, like I wanted to do my work fast but couldn't.... then I felt so sleepy and tired. My friend told me that if we feel tired during the daytime, it is due to the brain not getting enough oxygen, teok boh?

Wenn, I have finished all your fitline minerals, got to go see you one day to replenish. Keep procrastinating because they are so expensive! :) But then, when I drank one glass in the morning, I din't feel so hungry nor tired for the whole day, in fact I felt very energised. Is it due to the minerals or due to some booster dose inside the powder drink?

Tonight my mind cannot work well.. I go rest early....


  1. Not sure how true it is but I have a problem of dozing off at the wheel, when I am working, playing the computer and watching TV. This usually happens during daytime.

  2. i try jor yomeishu. works for me wor

  3. Do a medical checkup to assure everything's fine. Then try taking q10, it helps. Do more frequent exercise and sleep sufficiently.

  4. Claire, I'm facing the same problem years ago. Breathing disorder! And EPA-1000 works perfectly well. All you need to do is detox first before you start up any vitamins or mineral. Otherwise, no matter how much you spent doesn't mean a thing. EPA is very important to our brain & heart. Other than that is colestrum which helps molecule reform. Take care & sweet dream.

  5. that's why we keep on yawning when we are sleepy, to give that boost of oxygen to our brain.. but i think, u need to get off ur lappie and rest well Claire!

    Take care ..

  6. Claire, indeed our brain lacks oxygen..that's why we feel tired easily. I thank fitline as I could work fr morn till nite without feeling tired. OK, maybe next month as I need to order more. Will let u know.

  7. I feel tired most of the times these days... I dunno if it's due to stress or wud, but the other day, while I was working, I dozed off right in front of the PC. :(

    FYI I sleep enuff hours... 5-6 hours per day tho not Msia time. *sigh*

  8. Maybe a complete check-up at the doctor's might be needed? Some times our bodies try alert us to potential problems with symptoms like this. Hope you are feeling much better soon!

  9. Not getting enough oxygen can be due to anemia, not enough red blood cells. This happened to me once. Do you look pale? Are there circles coming under your eyes? I think you should go to the doctor.

  10. "come to me those who are weary and heavy laden. I shall give you rest" says the Lord..............

    Go exercise lah too.

    you know our body is wonderful thing,just to do basis,we will be fine,,, relax, eat well, exercise, sleep well, think happily, pray and pray some more...ya

    take care now

  11. teok gua.. i think..

    i'm sleepy all the time one though. hahahahahhaha

  12. take care n have a good rest. some things must learn to let go..

  13. Eat energize,LOL!

    Take a good rest, Claire!

  14. Thanks all ye blogger friends! sorry i dint go thru replying personally.. now my office pc has betrayed me... they dont allow me to go inside to read and write.. sigh...

  15. The problem with stress is, that you don't breathe deep enough and that is why you are getting tired. Hope you feel better soon.


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