Saturday, February 19, 2011

Our Love Be With You...

The bags were awaiting for my son to be picked up.... it is time to say goodbye again ....

All his bags are packed.. ready to go...

The working bug has begun...

Your wings are fluttering...
It is time to fly....
Though our hearts are heavy...
We know it is time to let go...
Your life is just starting...
Look forward to the path ahead...
Whatever you do, wherever you go...
Our love is always there For you, In you, With you....


  1. You've brought him up well, now it's time for him to walk the rest of the journey :-)

  2. Best wishes for your son! where is he off to?

  3. Mothers often experience empty nest syndrome when their children grow up and leave the nest. Hope you are coping well with the new changes...

  4. is time to let go. They have wings and they have to start a new life. All the best to Aaron and God's wings will cover him :)

  5. aaromn is satrting a new chapter of his life and i'm sure both of you are feeling very excited about it too , he's going to fly high!!

  6. Oh where is he going? Im sure you'll miss him. I can't imagine my 8-year old leaving in the future...but I think I'll be prepared when the time comes.

  7. Less than 15 years, it will be my turn to help my anak pack my bags and send him off. Hahahahahaha...mebbe I will feel empty nest syndrome... but den again, still young... can either enjoy or make baby again. RFLOL! (i bet u pengsan after read this!)

  8. is he going off to college or moving out?

  9. Good luck to your boy...he is off to work in Singapore?...

  10. Where is he going? What will he be doing?

  11. kiasumum: yeah, time to be on his own..

    issac: off to earn money.. haha..

    mingna: thanks.. it is something new to us...

    elin: yeah, so we understand each other pretty well..

    lena: soaring high like an eagle.. hahaha..

    pearl: do treasure the time when they are still small...

    cleff: i cant wait to see that.. another baby at 15 years later.. hehehe..

    foong: thanks!

    marj: finished college..

    mery: will tell later.. :)

    ginny: he is starting work now..

  12. All the best to you, Aaron...good luck, take care and God bless.

    He'll be working in that "fine" country, Claire? Nice... Can always go and visit. If got place to stay, can save on hotel - would be able to save a whole lot of money. When are you going? I tag along, can?

  13. It's time for your son to go. But he will return ASAP. :D

  14. stp: smart man means always smart! hahaha.. come come.. we go one day.. in fact next month!

    tekkaus: Yes, once big liow, time for them to look for other prospects..

  15. congrats and all the best to Aaron!


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