Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pot Bless Night

My cell group had a pot bless on Friday, each of us were to bring something to add onto the dining table.. hahaha.... since there were so many of us, some of us shared the expenses of the dishes. As usual, started with worshiping and praises then a word of Give Thanks prayer ... and finally the feast began.... I didn't manage to capture all the dishes actually...
Thank God for the abundant food...

part of the group and food...

the Starter... home made loe sang...

specially made by Richard and wife...

then everyone started "loe-ing"

the Mixed Loe Sang...

one pot of curry chicken by my sister...

mushrooms plus broccoli by Rodney/Theresa


white carrot pudding by Kim

ginger chicken by Jennifer

sengkuang dish by Jennifer....

achah by Jennifer.... again....

assam vegetables by Jennifer...
wah.. Jennifer, you contributed a few dishes... thank u!!

and ended with a homemade chocolate moist cake
by Jennifer, my cell leader...
she is a good cook, a good evangelist..
that is why she is a leader...
Everything Can!


  1. Nice gathering, Nice eating! Nice company!

  2. hehehe...looks like something of what my FIL made

  3. Wahhh... so much food... lol... did u take a lot helping, Claire? All of those food looks so yummy!

  4. This is soooo Good... especially the food... oh curry!!! nyum!

  5. I assume you were one of them who shared the expenses? :)

  6. the way did i miss out Claire's homemade...LOL!

    All food looks good ler..

  7. Puan: yes, where food is concerned.. very nice!

    kathy: u still think of KT food!

    cleff: contrary.. i took very little.. hehee..

    cath: pregnancy cravings?

    inspiredmum: thanks for understanding me.. :)

    ling: u didnt see inspiredmum's comment?

    barb: didnt take dinner yet?

  8. Wow...nice food and nice company :) What did you bring for the pot bless ? :p

  9. very blessing very many nice food! huat ah!!

  10. Wow! Lots of food! I'm going to my mine this week, dunno what to bring.

  11. elin: i shared and bought the meat.. hehehe...

    tuti: huat..huat... hahaha..

    chris: buy salted chicken.. hahaa..

  12. wow, so many food there, yummy!! and Jennifer, wow she really contributed a lot huh?? i guess easily 25% of all the food?? haha.. the chocolate cake looks so tempting..

  13. Wow... so blessed... so much food!

  14. much food indeed! I love pot luck parties...everyone bringing something - share what they cook best - not so keen when everybody just tapao from the shops. Might as well go out to eat...if like that.

  15. P.S.
    Apa...potluck and most of the things by Jennifer. Which one is yours? Wink! Wink! LOL!!!

  16. It all looks so good!!! There are white carrots? I love the picture of all of you digging into the one big dish!!!

  17. wow! pot bless sounds great! n the foods sooo yum! got homemade yee sang summore! :D

  18. Nice gathering..and of course, yummy food..

  19. The food looks delicious! I am hungry...slurp :-)

  20. What a lovely night it was for all of you. Hope all of you enjoyed the food there and especially the chicken dish as I love chicken. It is my favorite dish.


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