Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine For Three!

Too early for Valentine?

Confirmed "Blur" ...
Like Mother, Like Kids... the three of us, Aaron, Fernie and I were confirmed "Blurred"...
What happened was ... after fetching Fernie from school, I suggested to go Secret Recipe for our lunch. Hearing no objections from them kids, we proceeded to Ipoh Garden. Settling down in our seats, we began to browse through the menu and catching my eye was the one above...

After ordering the special meal for two, (I was still full from my late 11am brunch), I read through the menu again and then only I realized, "Hey, that meal was for Valentine!!" My kids were also kind of "Huh? Really?"

Gosh... Valentine's meals are always expensive and not worth the price, correct? Couples' meal ma.... and all the while, I thought it was the promotion for today!!! aiyoh!

True enough.... the meal did not meet up with our expectation.....

first came the starter..
5 crispy Oily Fried Wanton...
(there goes my new year resolution ler..)
force-fully I walloped two..

then came the baked fish...
few stalks of old asparagus..
definitely older than me.. cos cannot be bitten!

When this dish came, I put up White Flag...
Reminded me of that pepper chicken I took in Station One
I passed this one to Aaron...
It was Aussie beef stew, not for me....

from the meal, I could only enjoy this!!

chocolate lava with ice cream... hmmm..
this was the best of all..
so guys, if you want a sweet valentine
just order this will do... hahhaa....

As the saying goes..
if your love ones are happy, it is all that counts!


  1. Does the set come with drinks as well? The food at Secret Recipe are always expensive, Valentine's or not.. I only go there for their cakes. :)

  2. Oh Claire... Of the three outlets in Ipoh, the worst is the Ipoh Garden's. Many would rather queue for their turn at the Kinta City's outlet because its quality is so much better than the rest.

  3. so early u celebrate valetine :P

  4. hahaha valentine food no need to be sedap mah coz assume the couple see each other already full(Yau cheng yum sui pao) :p

  5. Agreed with Pam. Secret Recipe losing it's "flavour".

  6. Gosh...the food does not even look palatable. No, thank you...

  7. that beef stew is really black, does that meant to be black cos i havent tested that before but looking at aaron's face, i think he got less complaint than you.hah!

  8. inspiredmum: i must follow yr style.. yes, go for sweeties, ok!

    pam: aiyah, now only i know.. but then seems to be crowded!

    chvoon: actually accidentally celebrated.. hahaha..

    kathy: yes, never order valentine's meals..

    sexyjessie: i think the cakes are good..

    stp: chain food is like that la..

    lena: if u look closely, he hadnt even eaten it yet! hahaha..

  9. well, valentine's set is recommended for valentine's, but then any non-valentine can still eat them right?? haha.. :D

  10. secret recipe expensive le...besides the cakes, the food so-so only.

  11. oh..u remind me of valentine's day. Those were the days!

  12. yea...i think out of all, the cake looks the!!

  13. never mind lah clarie, valentine is about sharing of love and affection, so children showering love to emak dan vice versa, no prob one lah,,,

    by the way ,,happy valentine to you too,,

  14. Oh, this is very funny!! I agree!! Nothing looks good except the cake!!! Hey, I hope you are not in bed, it is late and I've been out all day, so I hope you will see this!!

  15. Hahaha, super oily wanton + old asparagus + extra black beef stew.... a way to start the Valentine's.

  16. looks... awful. lols

    ur daughter sitting for STPM tis year?

  17. Hapi New year, Claire!

    OMG..what is that black gook on that plate??? And the fish...looks really hard to eat!

  18. No drink served for the set meal...
    I m yet to try secret recipe in Sibu...already open one outlet here.

  19. i had a sucky experience in one of the SR at here. though this one looks yum! but i love their cakes! :D

  20. I've never been to Secret Recipe at my hometown for ages.. banned it because of the bad service and not-so-good food.. haha :D

  21. sorry guys for not replying individually... something wrong with my office pc today.. so Pis! :p

  22. So nice celebrate with your kids.. hehehe.. i still not so sure what to do in my valentine's day... because my dear dear is so far from me sob sob :'(

    Hey thanks for your comments ya~ i also wish you Happy Chinese New Year!!! And.... Where's my Ang Pow? :p


Thank you, readers!

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