Sunday, February 20, 2011

What A Kizuna!

My girl and I went for Japanese food in Kizuna... just the two of us enjoying the delights.... It was my first time there but second for my girl! Imagine that... the young really know how to enjoy!! I must also keep myself updated where food is concerned.. hahahaa...

Ok, so what did we have for our dinner? These....
Grilled gingko (sticks RM4.00)
Grilled scallops (6 of them cost RM12.00)

Unagi sushi.. for my girl
the for dessert, we had this cucumber salad
Our Kizuna dinner came to a whooping bill
of RM53.00!!
Just for these and two cups of green tea....
Girl, I think we better budget our meals
for the next few days.... ok?


  1. Japanese food is always around that price. So we'll need to limit our visits unless we have bottomless wallets. :)

  2. Expensive eh? My daughter has gone back to NZ, so I guess I will be staying away from those Japanese restaurants for a while...

  3. Kizuna is probably one of the best in town. I would say RM53 is still reasonable considering the good quality of the food and service.

  4. Japanese food is like that lo.Healthy for your body but not for your pocket LOL

  5. Some of this food looks so unfamiliar, I only recognize the scallops! But it is fixed very fancy!! The young ones always know the latent trends with food and fashion!

  6. My 3rd daughter will be full of 'Ohhh..' & 'Ahhh..' if she sees these pics of Japanese food. She loves them!

    Sometimes I asked her why she loves them so much as they were soo..expen**** ! :p

  7. Wah.... And u never bring me to such places when I'm back *sob*

  8. issac: once a blue moon only..

    stp: till she comes back! hahaa..

    filip: it is from china..

    mingna: yeah, so far, i like these stuff.. tasted not bad..

    kathy: once a blue moon, ok hor?

    ginny: japanese sushi are like that..

    isah: their generation different from ours.. hahaha..

    wenn: as scrumptious as they can get..

    chris: cis, u so busy during cny.. called u out also no use.. :)

  9. You are getting richer and richer. That's why can afford to dine at Kizuna. :p

  10. Ahhh, grilled gingko nuts...this is new to me, can try to grill this next time! LOL!

  11. Japanese food is expensive. That's why I prefer to go for Japanese foofd buffet. :)

  12. with that not so large portion, can satisy your stomach or not?

  13. hehehehe... sekali sekala tak pa.. ^_^

  14. one day,one children will be repaying handsomely ,,,god bless

  15. Like you said "eat is prosperity". By the way, tell your girl, she isn't chubby at all.

  16. reading your post at the wrong or right time? I am going for lunch,but definitely not Kizuna.. :(

  17. Expensive lol..and the portion is not big at all..

  18. Totally agree with you...we need to catch up on food knowledge. My girls also seem to know more than me. I sound so kampong huh...haha. Each time they come back telling me about certain food at certain place and say how good it it, they will sure expect my question, 'How much?'. Then they will be silent for a while as they tell me how much and then enjoy the look of horror on my face and my usual reply, 'So expensive!' my reply. Restaurant food here are highly expensive. Maybe I should open one...haha

  19. Mary: yes, you should open one over there.. i will be very proud to know you.. a restaurant boss!!

    mery: u r right! for light snack only..

    fazli: hope u had a good lunch...

    sheohyan: tell that to her.. :)

    eugene: dont expect much from them, bro...

    cath: yes, sekali kala..hahaa..

  20. Kizuna looks Yummy, following you and coming from Tuesday Hop!
    Angelica I.


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